BellSouth expands business IP services with new services

Atlanta, GA, June 8, 2006 — BellSouth announced that it has expanded its comprehensive IP services portfolio to include managed security services. The security solutions are delivered through a teaming arrangement with SecureWorks, a managed IT security services provider.

BellSouth Managed Security Services include network intrusion prevention, managed firewall, host intrusion prevention, vulnerability assessments and email encryption. In addition to these managed services, BellSouth offers a penetration test that simulates a network attack to determine the impact of potential security threats.

“Many companies are unable to devote substantial resources to managing IT security around the clock to protect themselves from security threats,” said Mike Cote, CEO of SecureWorks. “SecureWorks and BellSouth act on behalf of clients to stop network attacks before any damage is done. Whether used to outsource security or to augment internal staff and technology, managed IT security services bolster the security posture of every size and type of organization.”

BellSouth Managed Security Services is available as the bundled package — with additional BellSouth network and equipment services; the security suite package — Managed Security Services portfolio with all five security features; and the individual solutions package — single security services purchased according to customer need.

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