Breaking Down the Barriers to Utility Data Access

Breaking Down the Barriers to Utility Data Access

Cycle Software has released an upgrade to its LiveData Server embedded in a Modicon programmable logic controller (PLC). The new PLC, called LiveData Quantum, natively supports manufacturing message specification (MMS), utility communications architecture (UCA) and intercontrol center protocol (ICCP) over either twisted pair or fiber Ethernet. LiveData Quantum creates active data flows to other Quantum PLCs, to controllers from other vendors and to corporate production and information systems.

The LiveData Quantum can be accessed directly by any network client or server that supports MMS, UCA or ICCP. It can also be accessed indirectly through PLC registers by any client or server that support Modbus or Modbus Plus. This means that an EMS or distribution management system can use MMS, UCA or ICCP to communicate directly with LiveData Quantum over a utility`s enterprise LAN/WAN without requiring use of proprietary protocols. Major utilities currently using it include Northern States Power, Kansas City Power & Light and United Power Association.

Each LiveData Quantum supports reliable connections to up to 64 network nodes, including PLCs, clients and servers. Active data flows may be triggered by the master ladder logic instruction or state changes in PLC registers, inputs or outputs. LiveData Quantum Server software runs on the Modicon NOE 511 Ethernet communications module. It is installed using Modicon`s Modsoft configuration software.

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