Cal ISO urging conservation as power plants come offline

FOLSOM, Calif., Oct. 2, 2001 — The California Independent System Operator (ISO) expects to have enough power available today and through the month of October to meet the forecast demand, as long as conservation continues.

However, the ISO estimates that as much as 9,300 megawatts of generation could be off-line toward the end of October due to plant maintenance, emission reduction projects, “forced” or unplanned outages, and low water conditions. If the repair work were to coincide with a high-demand day, operating reserves could fall below optimal levels. A detailed report about October’s supply and demand forecast is available in PDF file format on the ISO Web site at the link below.

Conservation remains an important tool to help the ISO balance the grid and lower consumers bills. The ISO is urging Californians to continue using less power, and specifically to use less power during the peak hours between 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. These hours, especially on hot days, see the highest demand for electricity. Simply choosing to use the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher before or after the peak hours helps ISO operators manage the peak. More conservation tips can be found at

The California ISO is a not-for-profit public benefit corporation charged with managing the flow of electricity along the bulk of California’s high-voltage transmission system. The mission of the California ISO is to safeguard the reliable delivery of electricity, facilitate markets and ensure equal access to a 25,526 circuit mile “electron highway.”

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