Calif. Governor Davis responds to Bush-Cheney energy plan

“First of all I want to commend President Bush for facing up to America’s energy crisis. I agree with him that we need more supply. That is why during my two and half years in office we have licensed 15 new plants; 10 are now under construction and 4 will be on-line this summer. That is in sharp contrast to the 12 years that proceeded me, where not a single major power plant was built in this state. But I fault the President for not providing California with any immediate relief. California is the only state in America that has faced blackouts and astronomical electricity prices.

BELLEVUE, Wash., May 17, 2001 — Unveiling his administration’s proposal for a national energy policy, President George W. Bush today cited “smart electric meters” as an innovative new conservation tool for boosting America’s energy efficiency and lowering consumers’ power costs.

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