California Energy Commission’s strategic plan examines ‘distributed generation’

DANBURY, Conn., June 28, 2002 — Following a far-reaching, statewide energy crisis less than two years ago – and in the face of the delay or cancellation of nearly two dozen new power plants since 2000 – the California Energy Commission this month approved a draft strategic plan to advance the use of distributed generation as part of the Golden State’s energy future (

Distributed generation, or “DG”, is the name given to locating power systems directly at a large business user’s premise or near office parks and other clustered areas. DG allows businesses to create their own power directly at the point-of-use, independently of the grid.

If major businesses make their own power, there is more grid-based electricity for other users – without the challenges of building additional transmission and distribution lines. Obviously, this solution provides crucial megawatts during periods of peak demand. In other words, DG represents a “short wire” solution that circumvents the overburdened transmission grid by eliminating the need to build new power lines.

Whit Allen, vice president of Sure Power Corporation, is available to discuss the technology, economics and implementation of distributed generation, as well as the policies and issues discussed in the California strategic plan.

DG systems are available in many forms and technologies and are highly customizable to specific applications demands. In general, the benefits of DG include:

* Eliminating the need to build new power lines through residential communities
* Ease of complying with local zoning and regulatory process
* Can often be sited under existing state and federal air emission regulations
* Scalable to grow as power needs dictate
* Can be located inside existing facilities or fitted with virtually any exterior facade
* Can be financed and owned directly by end-users without any burden on utility ratepayers
* Are engineered for quick on-site installation
* Ability to generate combined heat and power (CHP) to provide heating, air conditioning, steam, and hot and cooled water for industrial processes at substantial financial savings and increased energy efficiency

More information about DG and DG-based power systems is available from Sure Power Corporation at

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