Capstone introduces new microturbine at Power-Gen

Chatsworth, CA, Dec. 6, 2005 — Capstone Turbine Corp., a manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced at the Power-Gen International trade show, a PennWell event, that in January the company will begin shipping an enhanced line of 65-kilowatt microturbine models that will replace its C60 series of power and heat generators.

“I’m very pleased to announce that effective January 2006, the Capstone C60 microturbine will be replaced by the C65, with an installed output of 65 kilowatts, 29% electrical efficiency, and NOx emissions of less than 5 parts per million,” said Capstone CEO John R. Tucker. “This approximate 8.5% increase in electrical output, 4% increase in efficiency, and a 45% reduction in NOx output.”

Capstone says the new natural gas fueled C65 and C65-ICHP (with factory-integrated heat recovery) will deliver higher electrical and thermal output without any change to the product’s weight and dimensions, which are much lighter and more compact than similar capacity generators. This reduces footprint requirements and enables greater flexibility in indoor, outdoor and rooftop sitting.

The new American made 65-kilowatt models features include:

* Just one moving part: no gearbox, no radiator, no fluid pumps, etc.
* Air-cooling and patented air bearings, meaning no oil, lubricants, coolants or other hazmats.
* Comparably quiet, vibration-free operation.
* Sub-10-second automatic fast transfer to load-following stand-alone operation in the event of a power outage.
* Qualifies for 10% federal tax credit and many regional clean, efficient energy incentive programs.
* Cleaner and more fuel efficient power and heat generation than conventional sources.
* The C65-ICHP delivers 80% total fuel efficiency: measured at end-user loads.
* Pre-certified grid interconnect and air permitting where applicable.
* Built-in capability to array up to 20 units together as one with energy security multiple redundancy.
* Integrated synchronizing & load-sharing is built-in, no additional equipment needed.
* Indoor, outdoor or rooftop installation.
* Optional remote monitoring, dispatch, diagnostics.

Capstone will also introduce a variation of the 65-kilowatt machine which uses waste flare gases from landfills or sewage treatment plants as fuel to create renewable energy. The new CR65 will be available with an optional stainless steel integrated heat exchanger. Because the new CR65 is more than double the output of the C30 that it replaces, Capstone says customers will be able to realize a significant reduction in the installed cost of their systems.

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