CEC certifies Capstone Microturbines to California Grid Interconnnect Standards

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 11, 2002 — In a substantial move to advance distributed generation in the state, the California Energy Commission (www.energy.ca.gov) has certified the 30- and 60-kilowatt Capstone MicroTurbineà¢â€ž- energy systems as the first and so far the only products that comply with the requirements of its “Rule 21” grid interconnection standard.

“The CEC and all of California’s major utilities spent more than a year jointly developing the landmark Rule 21 distributed generation interconnection standard,” said Dr. Ake Almgren, President and CEO of Capstone Turbine Corporation (www.microturbine.com; Nasdaq: CPST). “We are pleased that our innovative microturbine systems have now officially been certified as being safe for interconnection to the grid. We think this is a significant step toward growing distributed generation market access in California, and for Capstone differentiating its products in the California market.”

The CEC action is significant in that it has the potential to greatly streamline the process for connecting distributed generation systems to the grid, avoiding both costly external equipment procurement requirements and extensive site-by-site and utility-by-utility analysis. CEC certification to the Rule 21 standard essentially reduces the interconnection review process from, at times, upward of one year to a targeted 2-to-3-week process with significant cost savings.

A universal interconnection standard for distributed generation has been under development for several years by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (www.ieee.org).

Capstone COO Norman Chambers said, “CEC’s certification opens the way for California businesses and public entities to more rapidly implement clean Capstone MicroTurbine energy solutions without the interconnection concerns that have, in the past, disproportionately impacted the economic advantages of doing so.”

For the CEC’s list of Rule 21 certified equipment, see: http://www.energy.ca.gov/distgen/interconnection/certification.html

For further information on CEC Rule 21, see: http://www.energy.ca.gov/distgen/interconnection/california_requirements.html

For information on New York’s approval of Capstone MicroTurbines for grid interconnection, see: http://www.microturbine.com/whatsnew/pressrelease.asp?article=39

For information on Capstone’s UL Listings, which are prerequisites to Rule 21, see: http://www.microturbine.com/whatsnew/pressrelease.asp?article=148

For a current listing of major Capstone product certifications and compliances, see: http://www.microturbine.com/technology/certifications.asp

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