CellNet Data Systems, KCPL expand network

CellNet Data Systems Inc. and Kansas City Power & Light Co. (KCPL) are expanding CellNet`s network for KCPL by approximately 17,000 meters in order to provide network meter reading (NMR) services to a total of approximately 440,000 electric customers in KCPL`s service territory.

In 1994, KCPL and CellNet signed a long-term contract to provide NMR services to residential, commercial and industrial electricity customers throughout KCPL`s metropolitan service territory in Kansas and Missouri via CellNet`s fixed wireless network. The network`s services include automated meter reading, logical connects and disconnects, and power theft detection.

KCPL also provides its customers access to a Web-based service featuring the energy-usage information collected over the network via its secure Internet site. Thousands of KCPL customers currently are registered for the Web-based AccountLink service, through which they can view and pay their bills online, view monthly electricity usage data, and display historical payment-transaction data.

“On the strength of our network, we were able to reduce the number of service trips to the field by more than 70,000 per year, which represents a significant savings in cost and time,” said Doug Morgan, KCPL vice president information technology.

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