CEO Tells Congress Technology Will Enhance Grid

CEO Tells Congress Technology Will Enhance Grid

American Superconductor CEO Greg Yurek called on Congress to enact legislation to promote reinvestment in advanced technologies that will strengthen the nation`s electric power grid and support competitive reforms.

At the first hearing of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power following release of the Clinton Administra-tion`s restructuring bill, Yurek outlined several challenges facing this nation`s utilities in the transition to a competitive energy marketplace. Focusing on the grid reliability issue, he said new approaches are required to solve old problems because of sustained load growth in dense urban areas, planning uncertainty and environmental and community opposition to building new transmission lines.

Yurek told the subcommittee that Congress should consider three recommendations to encourage deployment of advanced technologies in the electric industry: the adoption of clear standards governing utilities` power quality; new incentives, such as a streamlined, federalized siting process, for low-environmental-impact transmission facilities; and tax or other incentives to encourage multiple demonstrations of advanced technologies to promote electric reliability.

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