cfar International and KLN Group launch market intelligence information service

Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 13, 2001 – cfar International Ltd. and KLN Group have announced formation of the InfoNetrixà¢â€ž- Market Intelligence Information Network.

The new enterprise features a suite of technology-centric information products and services that will help clientele involved in Energy and Utility markets successfully plan, execute and support marketing strategies through the availability and use of quality market intelligence.

“The full value of good market information has historically been under-appreciated by all but the largest energy and utility suppliers,” contends Mike Marullo, cfar International’s CEO. “Effective use of market research as a strategic planning tool pays big dividends when properly applied,” he continued.

InfoNetrixà¢â€ž- clients will have access to timely, objective, technologically-focused market intelligence on a regular basis throughout the year under an annual participation agreement that is the foundation of the InfoNetrix business model.”

The initial focus of InfoNetrix will be on electric utility automation markets, but there are also plans to broaden the market scope to include oil and gas and water/wastewater and municipal government in the future. All are closely related market areas, especially for suppliers and consultants, which routinely serve two or three – and, in some cases all four – of these market areas.

As such, the InfoNetrix Market Intelligence Information Service is designed to become increasingly synergistic as it unfolds. Under the InfoNetrix business model, clients will receive periodic executive briefings, research reports, market news updates and proprietary consulting services throughout the year in a package that they can customize to suit their specific needs.

“It’s like a cafeteria plan,” says Mike Smith, the KLN Group CEO. “Clients get to choose the combination of products and services that fit their organization’s individual strategic and tactical market intelligence information requirements and budget. Naturally, the more robust the package, the greater the value and the lower the cost of the components comprising the package,” Smith said.

InfoNetrix was created as an outgrowth of Marullo’s and Smith’s extensive backgrounds, experience and participation in the energy and utility automation arena and an evolving relationship that began nearly more than ten years ago.

Meeting initially as competitors in the early 1990s, both Smith and Marullo were already involved in energy and utility automation market research and related publications. Over the years, their professional association and personal friendship gradually evolved into a common set of interests, clients and market focus.

The target clientele for InfoNetrix includes energy and utility automation suppliers; major energy companies; electric, gas and water utilities; technical and financial consulting firms; and others with relevant market interests.

Clients participating in the InfoNetrix Market Intelligence Information Services suite will receive a spring market briefing, research report(s) and proprietary consulting time as well as a fall briefing, reports and consulting package. Periodic market updates and news bulletins will also be issued throughout the year.

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