Cirronet 900 MHz products deliver demonstrated 20-plus mile range for industrial wireless applications

ATLANTA, Cirronet Inc., a provider of wireless transceivers and broadband Internet products, announced the immediate availability of new 900 MHz long-range versions of the company’s SEM and HopNet products. With 500mW transmit power and a receive sensitivity of -104dBm, Cirronet’s 900MHz products have demonstrated 20 plus mile range using omni-directional antennas with clear line of sight.

The ability to achieve this range without using directional antennas eliminates the costly and time consuming need to aim the antennas. SEMs, or spread spectrum Ethernet bridges, provide long range, high-speed wireless connectivity among Ethernet devices in industrial settings. HopNet devices offer the same performance for serial, Modbus, DNP3 and DF1 devices.

“The 900MHz SEM and HopNet products are ideal for utility, water management and other industrial applications with their unique combination of high data rate, long range and available interfaces,” said Tim Cutler, Cirronet’s vice president of sales and marketing. “For systems integrators and industrial resellers and distributors these are components they can use to create complete communications solutions for their customers to enable the reliable transmission of data from one location to other facilities at distances of twenty miles or more.”

The SEM 910 product family, including the SEM 910, SEM910X, SEM910D, SEM910DX, are designed to provide high-speed wireless connectivity between Ethernet devices. The HopNet family of products, including HN-291, HN-291X, HN-291D, and HN-291DX are low-cost serial and Modbus wireless modems with built in antennas or external antenna connectors that provide high-speed wireless connectivity between serial devices. Typical uses include Ethernet bridging, SCADA networks, PLC networking and other industrial automation or data collection applications. Both SEM and HopNet products are based on the 900 MHz FHSS WIT910 radio module and support multi-point operation.

All Cirronet products feature the company’s patented frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology, known for its superior ability to deliver critical data in environments ordinarily considered too hostile for radio communications. The 900 MHz products will provide an over-the-air data rate of 172.6 kilobits per second.

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Atlanta-based Cirronet has well over a decade of success in developing innovative wireless data networking and communications products for industrial, OEM and Internet access markets. Employing proprietary frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) radio transmission technology, the company’s products offer reliable, long range performance and unparalleled immunity against jamming and interference. Cirronet products, which are FCC certified, UL certified and CE marked, operate in license-free ISM bands. Cirronet is a member of the ZigBee Alliance, an association of companies working together to enable reliable, cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked monitoring and control products based on an open global standard.


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