Cirrus Logic develops two new industrial power meter ICs

Austin, TX, Mar. 27, 2006 — Cirrus Logic Inc. introduced two new industrial power meter ICs, the CS5464 and CS5467.

Targeting India and other developing markets for residential power measurement applications, the CS5464 delivers power-measurement by utilizing fourth-order Delta Sigma 24-bit analog-to-digital converters for measuring current, offering double the range of competing ICs. The CS5464 also features advanced programmable fault/tamper detection.

The CS5467 is designed for market-specific demands within Japan, offering two current channels and two voltage channels for simultaneous two-phase measurements.

Cirrus Logic promises design flexibility to help makers of residential power meters reduce costs and get to market faster with their new power meter product. The CS5464 and CS5467’s features include system-level calibration, temperature sensing, voltage sag, current fault detection and phase compensation.

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