City of Orangeburg, SC, to offer real-time energy information to customers

Reston, Va., July 17, 2002 — The Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities will offer a service that provides real-time energy information to larger customers so they can effectively manage their energy consumption.

The EnergyC3I hosted service, developed by Internet Energy Systems, enables the city’s commercial and industrial customers to monitor their energy usage in a cost-effective manner.

Though Orangeburg officials considered other products, EnergyC3I’s competitive price and real-time offering were key factors in their decision to partner with Internet Energy Systems.

“Our industrial customers have long expressed an interest in gathering real-time data,” said John Bagwell, Director of the Electric Division for the Department of Public Utilities. “The IES solution is ideal because it allows customers to see their meter data instantaneously from their desktops. Our customers currently use a dial-up connection and the data is 15 minutes old at best. Having access to real-time data will help them to avoid peak demand energy prices.”

Orangeburg, which has a population of 33,000, will initially market EnergyC3I to approximately 10 of their biggest customers.

IES’ EnergyC3I hosted service is a comprehensive Internet-based energy command and control solution that integrates real-time automated meter reading, historical data analysis, and alert management tools into a single solution.

“The EnergyC3I hosted service is a great asset to cities across the country because of its unique ability to provide real-time information without any server infrastructure investment by the utilities,” said David Enga, President and CEO of Internet Energy Systems. “We are very excited about partnering with Orangeburg DPU to bring new technologies to their customers that allow them to effectively manage their energy usage.”

EnergyC3I uses IES’ patent-pending, IP-based technology for real-time metering and control. An IES C3IGateway device connects to the customer’s meter and local area network. Meter data is then streamed from the C3IGateway every minute to IES’ EnergyC3I hosted service. Using the EnergyC3I web-based user interface, customers and Orangeburg DPU personnel can log on to the EnergyC3I server and receive streaming energy usage information at their desktop.

Customers can also see up-to-the-minute and historical data for each of their meters or the combined data for all of their meters, and can set up alerts that notify them via pager or e-mail when their usage is above a threshold.

About Internet Energy Systems
Internet Energy Systems is a provider of next-generation technologies for the utility industry founded by David Enga, a pioneer in the field of Internet-based command and control systems. Internet Energy Systems’ products and services deliver cost savings and increased operational efficiencies for utilities and commercial and industrial energy users.

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