Clark joins JLM Energy as chief operating officer

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Clark joins JLM Energy as chief operating officer

Renewable energy firm JLM Energy announced Friday it has hired Erin Clark as chief operating officer. At JLM, Clark will focus on scaling operations for rapid growth. As COO, he will oversee a broad set of responsibilities ranging from sales and marketing, to finance and product development.

“Erin is a 15-year veteran of the solar and construction industries,” said, Farid Dibachi, JLM Energy’s CEO and co-founder. “We are counting on his insights as we deliver a superior customer experience with our new Phazr MicroStorage. This product suite includes our home energy ecosystem, which continually optimizes energy use and provides homeowners with choice and control over the traditional utility model.”

Clark said, “JLM’s MicroStorage technology is poised to bring energy storage into the main stream with its plug and play design and affordable price point. Our products enable every contractor nationwide to get into the storage business. For consumers who want choice and control, JLM will be the household name.

Clark most recently served as president of nationwide roofing and solar contracting company. During his tenure, he doubled the revenue of this company over a four-year period to more than $400 million. Prior to that role, Erin was vice president of operations at RGS where he ran this public company’s expansive business across a broad geographic region. In addition to being a solar contractor, Erin is also a licensed general contractor.

“I am thrilled to have Erin at JLM. His experience, industry knowledge and business acumen is exactly what JLM needs at this hyper-growth stage,” said Dibachi.

JLM Energy is an energy technology company. JLM has created a fully-integrated software platform and energy technology bundle that optimizes energy use and maximizes savings for customers. The bundle includes solar, energy storage, monitoring devices, algorithms and load controllers that are all unified a single software platform.