Coherent Committed to Deploying FastGate in U.K.

Coherent Networks, Inc., and Network Mapping Facilities SA (NMF), recently announced their commitment to support the deployment of Coherent’s FastGate solution in the U.K. market. Coherent Networks is a provider of data management solutions for power utilities. NMF, a provider of utility network data conversion, migration, and integration tools and services, will distribute and support FastGate in Europe. FastGate is a suite of software tools that integrates, enhances, validates and maintains data required by operations support systems. It will be a critical tool in helping U.K. power service providers comply with the Information and Incentives Project (IIP) by the April 2002 deadline. FastGate is already successfully deployed at companies such as PacifiCorp (owned by Scottish Power) and other North American utilities. Building on this, Coherent Networks is now actively establishing the infrastructure necessary to fully service and support customers in the United Kingdom.

By enhancing the accuracy and completeness of data delivered to key systems, FastGate enables utilities to improve operating efficiencies, enhance customer service, and meet the stringent reporting requirements of regulatory agencies. The FastGate solution enables an effective level of communication between applications, and provides reliably integrated information from multiple sources. Because it provides configurable, pre-built imports to CAD, geographic information, customer information and real-time systems, FastGate provides access to the primary data sources needed to drive outage management, engineering analysis, and other enterprise utility systems.

As an added challenge to U.K. power service providers, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) published the “Regulatory Instructions and Guidance” for the IIP in February 2001. This will establish a system of incentives and penalties designed to encourage U.K. electricity distributors to improve the service they provide to network customers. Companies will be required to report on the number and duration of interruptions to supply based on more accurate and consistent input and output measures. Performance reports will be required at a level of accuracy that can only be achieved through full customer-to-network connection. Coherent expects that FastGate will be a powerful tool for providing the data, including the automated creation and management of customer-to-network connectivity, needed to meet these new demands.

“The Information and Incentives Project is causing additional pressure, in terms of both incentives and penalties, to the various U.K. distribution businesses,” said Joseph Spear of NMF, spokesman for the FastGate product in Europe. “FastGate is uniquely positioned to relieve this pressure by creating an accurate LV (low voltage) customer connectivity model.”

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