Combined Satellite Surveying System Improves Performance

Combined Satellite Surveying System Improves Performance

Ashtech Inc., a provider of precision solutions for global positioning, has introduced its 24-channel, single-frequency GG-Surveyor, a full-function surveying system based on Ashtech`s GPS+GLONASS technology. By receiving and using signals from not only the 24 global positioning system (GPS) satellites, but also the Russian Space Force`s 24-satellite Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), the GG-Surveyor delivers a higher level of productivity and integrity.

A major benefit of the GG Surveyor is its integration of GPS+GLONASS technology, providing increased satellite visibility above the horizon. With a combined 48-satellite constellation, a minimum of 11 satellites are usually visible and available for position computation. As a result, GPS+GLONASS technology is particularly effective in obstructed environments, such as mountainous terrain, in urban canyons near skyscrapers, or other areas where much of the sky and many satellites are potentially blocked.

Later this year the GG-Surveyor will be available with the ability to support real-time kinematic maneuvers, allowing the single-frequency receiver to accomplish a multitude of advanced surveying exercises that would normally require a dual frequency receiver.

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