Composite Technology Corp. announces manufacturing, distribution agreement with General Cable

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 4 — Composite Technology Corp. (CTC), a developer of high-performance composite core for electric transmission and distribution cables, has announced manufacturing and distribution agreements with General Cable Industries, Inc., principal U.S. operating subsidiary of General Cable Corp., a leader in the utility cable market.

Under the manufacturing agreement, General Cable has the right to exclusively manufacture finished ACCC (aluminum conductor composite core) cable utilizing the CTC proprietary composite core through 2007 for applications in the United States and Canada. Under the distribution agreement, General Cable has been granted a non-exclusive right to distribute and sell CTC’s ACCC through 2007 for applications in the United States and Canada.

Utilizing the utility cable industry standard specifications and manufacturing processes, General Cable will apply aluminum strand around CTC’s composite core providing a finished ACCC conductor cable. General Cable believes it is well-positioned to meet anticipated customer demand generated by the acceptance of this next generation solution.

“General Cable prides itself on offering the best quality, technologically advanced products available to the utility industry. CTC offers the first truly innovative core technology that provides solutions to increase the power grid’s capacity and reliability in a cost-effective way,” said J. Michael Andrews, senior vice president and general manager of General Cable. “The ACCC product offers our utility customers a viable option for reconductoring existing lines with little or no changes to towers or constructing new lines with less environmental impact.”

“Last year’s blackout in the Northeast brought the need to update the North American power grid to the forefront of public awareness,” stated John Turcich, vice president of utility sales for General Cable. “Our relationship with CTC allows us to offer its superior ACCC cable at a time when the market is on the verge of explosive growth.”

“By establishing a joint marketing and distribution initiative with General Cable, a recognized leader in the utility cable market in North America and internationally, CTC expects to capitalize on General Cable’s extensive relationships with leading utility customers to generate accelerated revenue growth and market penetration for our ACCC cable,” said Benton Wilcoxon, Composite Technology Corp. chairman and CEO.

About General Cable
General Cable, headquartered in Highland Heights, Kentucky, is a leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial, specialty and communications markets. The Company offers competitive strengths in such areas as breadth of product line, brand recognition, distribution and logistics, sales and service and operating efficiency. Energy cables include low-, medium- and high-voltage power distribution and power transmission products. The Industrial and Specialty segment is comprised of application-specific cables for uses such as electrical power generation (traditional fuels, alternative and renewable sources, and distributed generation), the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, mining, industrial automation, marine, military and aerospace applications, power applications in the telecommunications industry, and other key industrial segments. Communications wire and cable products transmit low-voltage signals for voice, data, video and control applications. Visit our website at

About CTC
Composite Technology Corporation, through its subsidiary CTC Cable Corporation, located in Irvine, California, produces high performance advanced composite core conductor cables for electric transmission and distribution lines. The proprietary new ACCC cable can transmit two times more power than comparably sized conventional cables in use today. ACCC can solve high-temperature line sag problems, can effect energy savings through less line losses, has reduced corona and electromagnetic fields, and can easily be retrofitted on existing towers to upgrade energy throughput in a grid system. ACCC cables allow transmission owners, utility companies, and power producers to easily replace transmission lines without modification to the towers using standard installation techniques and equipment, thereby avoiding the deployment of new towers and establishment of new rights-of-way that are costly, time consuming, controversial and may impact the environment. CTC has established strategic relationships with existing cable manufacturers to expand production and facilitate deployment to end users worldwide. See:


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