Composite Technology’s ACCC cable to be featured in power line system’s CADD design tools

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 30, 2004 — Composite Technology Corporation (CTC), a developer of high-performance composite core cables for electric transmission and distribution lines, has announced collaboration with Power Line Systems (PLS) to enable the use of its ACCC cables in the PLS family of power line design tools.

Eric Peyrot, vice president of PLS, when asked about the relationship, stated, “Increasing the capacity of existing lines is one of the highest priorities for many of our customers. CTC’s ACCC conductors, with their improved power transfer and sag characteristics, provide an exciting new option to these customers. We are happy to include CTC’s conductors in our PLS-CADD conductor library so that the thousands of line design professionals using our PLS-CADD line design software can immediately investigate their benefits”.

“We are delighted to have the operating parameters and cost benefits of our superior ACCC cable included in PLS-CADD, one of the most respected and comprehensive power line design software tools in use today,” said Benton Wilcoxon, CTC Chairman and CEO.

“This is sure to generate tremendous product exposure among decision-makers within the industry. Planning engineers will be able to precisely model a wide array of performance, cost and revenue data to contrast with existing technologies. This opportunity reflects another achievement for CTC’s aggressive sales and marketing effort.”

About PLS

Power Line Systems, based in Madison, Wisconsin, was founded in 1984 to provide consulting services and develop engineering software for the structural and geometric design of electric power lines. Since then Power Line Systems has become a world-wide provider of software for transmission lines. PLS supplies software to over 750 organizations in 75 countries.

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About CTC

CTC is an Irvine, CA-based company providing high performance advanced composite core conductor cables for electric transmission and distribution lines. The proprietary new ACCC cable transmits two times more power than comparably sized conventional cables in use today. ACCC can solve line sag problems, create energy savings through less line losses, has significantly lower electromagnetic fields, and can easily be retrofitted on existing towers to upgrade energy throughput.

ACCC cables allow transmission owners, utility companies, and power producers to easily replace transmission lines without modification to the towers using standard installation techniques and equipment, thereby avoiding the deployment of new towers and establishment of new rights-of-way that are costly, time consuming, controversial and may impact the environment. CTC has established strategic relationships with existing cable manufacturers to rapidly expand production and facilitate deployment to end users worldwide. See: .


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