Computer Technology Purchase MichCons Single Biggest Investment

Computer Technology Purchase MichCon`s Single Biggest Investment

Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. (MichCon) recently replaced its aging 30-year-old computer system with a state-of-the-art customer information system from IBM. With IBM`s Customer Service Solution (CSS), MichCon will have a single database to turn to for information about how best to meet the needs of the customers and offer improved service.

MichCon`s new system is designed to provide targeted information about billing, installation, customer demographics and service. IBM will install the system to be operational by year-end 1998.

“Technology is changing the way we do business at MichCon. Our tradition of knowing our customers through addresses and meters is being replaced by real service and satisfaction is the goal behind our investment,” said Stephen Ewing, MichCon`s president and CEO.

In addition to maintaining customer records, the system will be used by MichCon as a tool for direct marketing and flexible billing programs. The system is also designed to interact with MichCon`s field employees who schedule customer appointments and respond to emergencies.

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