Control System to Aid Tasmania’s Market Entry

Transend Networks of Tasmania, Australia, has awarded a contract to Open Systems International Inc. (OSI) to provide an energy management system, which will be used as Transend’s network operations and control system. Transend intends the new system to facilitate Tasmania’s entry into Australia’s National Electricity Market and to provide real-time control, monitoring and efficient planning of Tasmania’s transmission system.

Transend owns and operates Tasmania’s electric power transmission system. Transend’s system consists of 3,500 km of transmission lines, 45 substations and 10 switching stations.

The proposed network operations and control system will consist of a redundant energy management system and backup control system, as well as an operator training simulator. The system is based on the Windows 2000 operating system and Microsoft SQL database management applications.

The fast-track implementation strategy being employed by OSI and Transend should result in a practical completion of the project by August 2002. The use of a dedicated on-site integration team, standard field-proven systems, and locally sourced standard hardware platforms are expected to help OSI and Transend meet the accelerated implementation schedule.

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