Cook Unit 2 taken off line due to Lake Michigan silt intrusion

BRIDGMAN, Mich., August 30, 2001 – American Electric Power’s Cook Nuclear Plant Unit 2 is reducing power this morning due to Lake Michigan silt intrusion into cooling water systems.

It is expected the unit will be off line later today. The silt was drawn in by plant water intake pipes and degraded cooling water systems required for plant safety equipment and back-up power sources.

Immediate actions were taken to restore affected equipment. Although the plant could continue to operate, the problem persists in some plant components. The unit is being shut down on a precautionary basis while the silt issues are investigated and the cause determined.

Unit 1 was taken off line on Monday to replace a circulating water pump discharge valve. The silt intrusion affects the cooling water systems for both units.

Three 16-foot-diameter pipes bring water from one-half mile out in Lake Michigan into the plant. Various cooling system pumps use this water for cooling.

Return-to-service schedules for both units will be established following the investigation.


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