Cooper named president of new global division of WFI

FORT WAYNE, IN, Jan. 2, 2004 — WFI Industries Ltd. announced that Tony Cooper would become president of a newly-formed division, WFI Global. The new division will be based in Fort Wayne and will be responsible for all WFI activity outside North America.

According to Bruce Ritchey, CEO of WFI, “We are establishing this new division because of the sharp increase in interest in geothermal technology outside North America. Cooper has traveled extensively in South Korea, China and Europe promoting geothermal technology and setting up distribution in those markets.”

Cooper said, “I am very pleased to assume this challenge. The global community has recognized the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by embracing the Kyoto Protocol. South Korea and China have passed legislation that makes it mandatory for new buildings to utilize renewable energy technologies; geothermal products are an efficient and cost-effective way to do that. Throughout Europe, governments and utilities also are establishing incentives and regulations to drive renewable energy sources.”

James R. Shields, Chairman of WFI, noted, “When we founded this company I never dreamed the technology we pioneered would spread around the world. It is heart-warming to know that our products are seen as a partial solution to one of the world’s most pressing problems. I only wish our own country was as forward thinking when it comes to promoting this technology.”

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