Cordis Corp. dedicates 72-kW solar electric rooftop system at Warren, NJ site

WARREN, N.J., Dec. 10, 2002 — New Jersey Senator Jon Corzine joined Cordis Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson company, Tuesday to dedicate a new 72-kilowatt solar electric system at the company’s Warren, New Jersey site.

The new solar system makes innovative use of an unused asset — the roof of a building — to generate on-site electricity and help reduce the company’s annual consumption of commercially produced electric energy. The solar system is the third solar electric project of its type deployed by a Johnson & Johnson company.

“Our solar electric system is an illustration of our company’s ongoing efforts to enhance life in the communities where we live and work, as well as our commitment to quality and innovative technology,” said Bob Croce, company group chairman, Cordis Corporation. “We hope to serve as a model for other businesses — both in New Jersey and throughout the region,” he added.

“Generating energy equivalent to powering over 90 homes during the day, this solar electric system will reduce demand on New Jersey’s power grid, as well as improve air quality by avoiding thousands of pounds of nitrogen oxide and thousands of tons of polluting carbon dioxide emissions,” said Harry Kauffman, corporate energy director, Johnson & Johnson. The Company recently received the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Award for its leadership in on-site solar generation.

“Cordis is demonstrating responsible environmental stewardship by deploying solar energy,” said Senator Jon Corzine. “Not only will this solar installation help New Jersey meet its energy needs in a sustainable and environmentally-sensitive manner, it also serves as an ideal model for other companies and government agencies. Cordis and Johnson & Johnson are to be commended for their corporate leadership. With greater deployment of solar power and renewable resources, our nation can achieve energy security and independence.”

This new solar electric system at Cordis’ Warren, NJ site, furnished by PowerLight Corporation, is the first to be installed by a Johnson & Johnson company in New Jersey. The first system was installed at Neutrogena Corporation in Los Angeles in July 2001, with another now in place in Pennsylvania.

Johnson & Johnson’s Worldwide Engineering and Real Estate group developed the corporation’s clean energy initiative. “As a founding partner of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership program, Johnson & Johnson is committed to increasing its use of renewable power sources to help our company meet its energy needs,” noted Kauffman. Johnson & Johnson is one of 19 Fortune 500 companies participating in a federal Green Power Partnership initiative.

The 72-kilowatt solar electric system covers over 15,800 square feet of the Cordis facility’s roof. It is comprised of 1,680 PowerLight solar electric tiles. The energy project was partially funded by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program and the Virginia Alliance for Solar Electricity.

About Cordis Corporation:
Cordis Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson company, develops and manufactures less invasive treatments for vascular disease.

About Johnson & Johnson:
Johnson & Johnson is a manufacturer of health care products, as well as a provider of related services, for the consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices and diagnostic markets.


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