Cover Me Blue

Cover Me Blue

I must say that I am extremely pleased that a magazine entirely devoted to the utility automation field has finally come about. For the very longest time, utility automation was a tag-along in many other available magazines … Good Luck! The cover on the Sept./Oct. `96 issue caught my eye the moment it arrived … and I all but fell over … before I hit the roof that is.

Computer Meter Corp. invented, designed, produced and installed the first total remote reading/billing electronic meter and metering system in the world (as attested in an article in the New York Post in 1979). CMC has continued to design and manufacture electronic meters and remote electronic metering systems that are not only state-of-the-art, but meet and/or exceed the ANSI C-12 Standards for metering and revenue metering. (Please note that this is not a knock on Nertec whatsoever.)

I have another little “bone to pick” with you, and that is the article written by Steve Hodges of DCI. While the article is done well and correctly points out utility benefits of AMR reporting power quality and outages, he should have stuck to that and not gone into “the ideal AMR meter design.” His suggestion that a basic residential device should cost in the “low $50s” is quite ludicrous to say the least. While he doesn`t actually call for a “meter” per se, he calls for a “basic residential AMR device” … and then goes on to his “wish list.” If all this is possible, why doesn`t Hodges design and produce such an item?

I would be very happy to continue to talk about the utility industry and its resident hypocrisy regarding remote metering. They are screaming bloody blue murder for remote metering and all they are buying is communication and retrofits. Much like an automobile, you can`t have the rear end and the transmission without the motor (meter) to drive the car … Am I missing something?

Jerry Fund, New York, N.Y.

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