CS Week Focus Expanding

“Expanding Excellence in Customer Service” describes CS Week 2007 so well. What a delight to be a part of something that is appreciated by utility professionals everywhere!

From the very beginning, our mission has been to plan and deliver relevant, unbiased educational opportunities at an affordable price for the electric, gas, water/wastewater utilities, cooperatives and municipalities in North America, and throughout the world. According to our attendees, we are their top utility conference of the year.

CS Week reflects the industry’s series of ever-changing and ever-challenging transitions from old technologies and practices to new. We exist to assist utility professionals as they navigate the learning curves in the road to the future.

You may have noticed that “CIS Week” is now “CS Week.” Last fall, our executive advisory panel suggested we expand our focus into several new areas that now affect customer service as never before. We took that advice to heart and added new tracks, topics, sessions and college courses to our selection of educational options. As we endeavored to cover all of your customer service areas, our new name came about. “CS Week” and our new directions were unveiled at CS Conference 31.

The response has been overwhelming. CS Week 2007 saw record attendance in all venues and events. The Executive Summit was humming with discussions of successful business strategies and top-of-mind issues. We had several full day in-depth CS College courses spanning various topics. The Synergy Groups, which just started last year, grew to five this year.

CS Conference 31 met the needs of hundreds of attendees with more than 55 workshops and nearly 100 speakers. James Lovell, the commander of Apollo 13, was the honored keynote and an inspiration to all of us. The inaugural Expanding Excellence Awards for outstanding achievements in customer service were presented to several well-deserving utilities that in turn summarized their efforts in a workshop so they could share their successes. The exhibit hall, which sold-out early, addressed a much larger selection of industry solutions and all business processes from meter to cash.

Our educational offerings previously encompassed what we called the “Revenue Lifecycle.” Our new expansion will address what we now refer to as the “Customer Experience Lifecycle.” CS Week will cover every area of direct or indirect interaction between the customer and the utility. CIS Week has always led the industry in quality and quantity of workshops. CS Week will continue this tradition with expanded coverage to include the latest research on AMI/MDM, field management issues, marketing, conservation and call center topics.

We will continue to provide a bridge between utility professionals and quality products and services in our exhibit hall. Our loyal attendees and the executive advisory panel will continue to steer us in directions that meet the ever-changing needs of utility customer service professionals. Proposed workshop track topics for 2008 include Customer Systems and Implementations; Revenue Cycle; Customer Service; Customer Support and Field Services; Strategies and Trends; AMI-MDM and Data Management; Marketing; Conservation; and Exhibitor Showcases.

CS Week 2008 will take place in San Antonio, Texas, at the brand new Grand Hyatt. It is being built right now as you read this, and will be ready just in time for us. The hotel will be attached to the convention center, providing us convenient access.

We’d like to thank PennWell, our official CS Week publishing partner, for its support in helping us deliver such high quality educational venues. Together, CS Week and DistribuTECH, the leading annual T&D event, offer all utility industry professionals access to a full selection of comprehensive educational opportunities, products and services vital to utility operations and business processes.

Jerry Duvall, CEO, CS Conference Inc.

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