CSU Long Beach combats energy crisis and lowers costs

ALAMEDA, Calif., Sept. 11, 2001 — California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and Silicon Energy Corp., a provider of enterprise energy management solutions, are teaching the university community that technology combined with action can make a difference in conserving energy and reducing costs.

Using Silicon Energy’s EEM Suiteâ„-, CSULB reported a 15 to 20 percent reduction in overall energy usage, enabling the campus to direct cost savings to other projects.

Since June of 2000, CSULB has been using Silicon Energy’s technology in conjunction with its existing systems to manage electricity use for the campus’ 87 buildings and 4 million square feet of air-conditioned space.

Because the technology provides real-time data on the campus’ energy use, CSULB is able to curtail use and reduce costs during peak demand, prevent billing errors, and measure the performance of equipment upgrades.

“We need to make sound business decisions at a moment’s notice to avoid waste and high-energy costs,” said Tim Ball, associate director of Facility Management of CSULB. “Silicon Energy’s EEM Suite gives us real-time information on energy usage and remote access to this information using the Internet, allowing us to mobilize within minutes from anywhere.”

“In turn, we are able to share this information with the campus community and allow departments to see how well they are conserving energy. We have quite a competition brewing between the departments. It’s exciting to see that our campus community is so interested in making a difference.”

The Technology

Silicon Energy’s EEM Suite is a real-time, integrated Internet-based system allowing commercial and industrial customers, and utilities and energy service providers, to reduce energy waste, manage peak consumption, improve power quality and reliability, and make supply decisions among utility service providers, third-party providers and distributed generation devices.

The software’s highly scalable design retrieves, compiles and stores non-standardized, complex usage data from hundreds of disparate devices and systems from multiple vendors. The software then performs extensive analysis of this information, provides easy-to-use and informative decision support and enables simultaneous control of multiple energy systems.

“Silicon Energy’s technology easily integrated with our existing building management systems and was implemented quickly,” said Ball. “We’ve recently invested in many energy efficient equipment upgrades, and the technology enabled us to conclude that our investments are paying off.”

About Silicon Energy

Silicon Energy Corp., providing enterprise energy management solutions that enable enterprises to reduce energy costs and related expenditures, is a privately-held technology company based in Alameda, Calif. Silicon Energy’s EEM Suiteâ„- is an integrated collection of software modules that enables enterprises and energy service providers to manage efficiently consumption, procurement and distributed energy assets.

Silicon Energy allows real-time analysis and intelligent control over enterprise-wide energy usage, as well as comprehensive reporting and monitoring capabilities. In addition to its software, Silicon Energy offers professional and maintenance services designed to provide ongoing support to its installed base.

Silicon Energy also offers subscription-based Management Service Provider (MSP) services, known as EEM Basic, that deliver hosted access to the EEM Suite and content and integrated bill management services. For more information, visit http://www.siliconenergy.com.

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