CTI brings wireless technology to utility industry

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. May 5, 2005 — Sending personnel out to disconnect and reconnect meters may quickly become a thing of the past for utility companies now that Carina Technology, Inc. (CTI) has made it possible for meters to be connected, disconnected, and read from the utility office.

With its Automated Meter Disconnect (AMD,) which allows electric utilities to read, disconnect, and reconnect their meters using a patented wireless technology, this new company is making it possible for utilities to do much of their field work without leaving the office. This enables the utility companies to save money and results in improved safety since personnel are no longer needed in the field.

“Of the more than 130 million electric meters in the US, about 3 million were individually disconnected and reconnected more than four times last year,” said Bill Hetherington, President and CEO of CTI. “The cost to electric utilities to perform this activity was estimated at more than $1.2 billion.”

CTI expects to reduce this cost and burden on the utility industry by aggressively marketing the AMD and its other wireless technologies to individual electric utilities. The less than one-year-old company is already overseeing the first units being installed in Pontotoc and Columbus, Miss.; Hopkinsville, Ky.; and Fayetteville, Tenn.

“We have come a long way in a short period of time and are elated about the receptiveness of our products in the utility industry,” said Hetherington. “Carina Technology has reached a significant milestone, and in two weeks, product delivery is scheduled for Cinergy, which serves more than 1.4 million electric and gas customers in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.”

About Carina Technology [ www.carinatek.com ]

Carina Technology, Inc. is a Huntsville, AL-based technology firm that sells patented and patent-pending remote monitoring and control equipment, principally for the U.S. utility industry. Using the existing cellular infrastructure, the company’s CarinaXchangeà¢â€ž- data management software and in-house integration expertise can deliver information to any utility system, with lower capital and operating costs than current technologies.

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