DayStar Technologies achieves advanced performance milestones with discrete cigs solar cells on metal foils

Halfmoon, NY, June 15, 2006 — DayStar Technologies Inc., a developer and manufacturer of photovoltaic foil products, revealed key performance milestones on TerraFoil cells produced using each of their three production line processes. As an alternative to wafer silicon cells, DayStar’s TerraFoil cells have the potential to lower photovoltaic module costs below current levels, which could expand the market and accelerate the use of solar power systems worldwide.

Recent results from measurements performed in DayStar’s characterization laboratory have shown solar cells produced from its Gen I line achieved 16.9 percent total area conversion efficiencies on (1.1 cm2) glass substrates and 15.7 percent on flexible metal substrates. Similar size TerraFoil cells made on their commercial-scale Gen II platform have achieved 13 percent efficiencies. However, the most significant achievement was the demonstration of a 13.5 percent larger area device (14 cm2) produced using processes being developed for their high-capacity Gen III production platform.

DayStar has engaged in a multi-generational solar cell development and production strategy. The company presently operates two separate cell lines (Gen I and Gen II) in their Halfmoon, NY facility as a means of demonstrating product capability and low volume manufacturing techniques. Volume manufacturing and increased capacity are expected to occur with the development and operation of their more advanced Gen III, roll-to-roll production platform, planned for implementation in early 2007. Each line is used to advance the performance and manufacturability of the company’s discrete CIGS solar cells. Unlike other non-silicon thin film production processes incorporating monolithic module designs, TerraFoil cells can be used by the existing flat-plate PV module industry.

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