DCSI and Landis+Gyr announce new modular solution for Solid-State FOCUS Meter

ST. LOUIS, Mo. and LAFAYETTE, Ind., — September 8, 2004 — Distribution Control Systems, Inc. (DCSI) and Landis+Gyr Inc. announced the development and near-term (Q4 2004) commercial availability of the companies’ combined technologies-Landis+Gyr’s FOCUSà¢â€ž- solid-state electric meter and the Two-Way Automatic Communication System (TWACS®) Electronic Metering Transponder, EMT-3F, by DCSI. The combination of these two advanced technologies enables consumption data retrieval functionalities that meet present day and future system information requirements.

“We have built our company on delivering a robust, feature-rich solution that meets as many utility distribution operations challenges as possible,” said Bob Richardson, DCSI’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “By working with Landis+Gyr to add yet another meter platform to the portfolio of available TWACS endpoints, we have increased our system’s flexibility and our customers’ options. We look forward to strengthening our already very positive working relationship with Landis+Gyr to enable both companies to continue these endpoint development projects.”

DCSI’s EMT-3F module incorporates the features of the FOCUS meter into the powerful TWACS two-way fixed network power line communication system. The EMT-3F module provides both immediate and scheduled two-way remote access to all necessary electrical measurements including total and accurate consumption data and hourly interval data. The ability to remotely schedule and reschedule data retrieval times enables all meters to be read on a system-wide synchronized default or custom-read method for combined billing purposes.

According to Landis+Gyr’s Residential Meter Manager Tom Tesmer the unique features of the FOCUS meter platform-when combined with modular AMR communication technologies such as DCSI’s EMT-3F module-delivers benefits not found with other solid-state meter platforms. The FOCUS meter utilizes a Digital Multiplication Measurement Technique on a single circuit-board design, positioned toward the face of the meter. The meter is also optically reconfigurable, meaning the cover does not have to be removed to allow kWh resets or meter reprogramming. The FOCUS meter provides improved performance over its electromechanical counterparts, such as low starting watts, low burden, flat load curve and better accuracy. These features contribute to better overall reliability and dependability during the entire life of the endpoint.

When the DCSI FOCUS endpoint is used in conjunction with the TWACS Disconnect Switch Interbase (DSI), remote disconnect/connect functionality results in a powerful revenue collection tool, as well as a convenience for seasonal customers. The EMT-3F module can also be used to monitor line voltage to determine the voltage profile along a feeder. And, for power quality indices, the module maintains counts of the number of power interruptions to help a utility direct maintenance efficiently.

About DCSI

DCSI, a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc., leads the market in fixed-network AMR, based on the highly successful TWACS two-way power line communication technology, field-proven for over 20 years. TWACS cost-effectively provides unique capabilities ideally suited for AMR, Load Control, Interval Data Retrieval, TOU/Critical Peak Pricing, Power Delivery Reliability Monitoring, Outage Assessment/Restoration Monitoring, Remote Disconnect/Connect, and Tamper/Theft Detection using open architecture interfaces. TWACS uses the existing power lines for data transmission, and since it modulates the waveform at the zero crossing point, it uses the utility’s network at the frequency for which it was designed. Over 7.5 million units are installed or under contract, with approximately 1.5 million units delivered during 2003. For more information, visit www.twacs.com

About Landis+Gyr Inc.

Landis+Gyr is a leading global provider of precision, commercial and industrial, and residential electric meters, as well as innovative metering systems, including the company’s open architecture, communication-neutral, Advanced Data Infrastructureà¢â€ž- (ADI). Globally, the company employs approximately 4,500 people, with the North American headquarters and manufacturing center in Lafayette, Indiana responsible for marketing throughout the worldwide ANSI markets.

The U.S. company also oversees operations at the company’s Reynosa, Mexico manufacturing facility. Landis+Gyr Inc. is committed to maintaining its leadership position by manufacturing, marketing and delivering state-of-the-art, innovative, high-quality solutions to its customers on time, with value added, and at competitive prices. For more information about Landis+Gyr Inc., please visit the corporate website at www.landisgyr.us

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