DCSI and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation sign follow-on contract

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 17, 2001 – Distribution Control Systems, Inc. (DCSI), a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc., and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPSC), a subsidiary of WPS Resources Corporation, today announced the approval and signing of a follow-on contract for DCSI’s TWACS® (Two-Way Automatic Communication System) AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) project.

This $9.3 million addition to the initial contract includes products to be delivered through December 2001. The $8 million initial phase of the contract for AMR system deployment was signed June 1999.

DCSI’s TWACS® Integrated Metering Transponders (IMTs), substations and supporting TWACS Net Server (TNS) host software deliver automated accurate and timely consumption data collected from residential and commercial electric, gas and water meters. Expanded metering functions deployed in the project include time-of-use, peak demand and interval data transmission using the TWACS two-way power line communication system.

The TWACS system also enables the WPSC “Shared Savings” program that is offered to other utilities within the WPSC service territory, as well as a program that is offered to Time-of-Use (TOU) customers involved in an energy conservation program.

Stephen L. Carrico, WPSC Automated Meter Reading Project Manager, said, “Wisconsin Public Service Corporation looks forward to continuation of our relationship with DCSI as we work together toward common vision that better serves our customers. DCSI’s insights regarding the utility automation process, their attentiveness to our needs and their creative responsiveness have proven them to be a valuable partner.”

Martin Kaiser, President of DCSI, stated, “Wisconsin Public Service Corporation has developed a philosophy and implemented the appropriate technologies to attain a position of leadership that is unsurpassed in the utility industry. They have become a strategically critical customer in their partnership with DCSI as they develop a high level of performance in improving their operating efficiency and serving their customers’ needs.” He also pointed out, “The continuing positive momentum at DCSI is extremely gratifying, as orders during fiscal 2001 have already exceeded $100 million.”

Incorporated in 1922, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation is a regulated electric and gas utility which serves over 381,000 electric and 224,000 gas customers in an 11,000 square mile, 20 county service territory of Northeastern and Central Wisconsin and an adjacent portion of Upper Michigan. WPSC operates fossil, nuclear and hydroelectric generating plants to produce electricity. Gas is purchased directly from gas producers and marketing companies, and contractually transported via pipeline. As evidenced in its “Mission Statement”, WPSC is dedicated to providing customers with the best value in energy and related services. Best value is further identified as being what customers recognize as the most desirable combination of service, quality, reliability, and price. For further information, visit www.wpsr.com .

DCSI is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and has manufactured and marketed the highly successful and field-proven TWACS two-way power line communication technology for over 20 years. TWACS technology cost-effectively provides unique capabilities ideally suited for AMR, Load Control, Interval Data, TOU/Real-Time Pricing, Line-Voltage Monitoring, Outage/Restoration Data, Disconnect/Connect, and Tamper/Theft Detection using open architecture interfaces. The TWACS system uses the existing power lines for data transmission, and since it modulates the waveform at the zero crossing point, it uses the utility’s network at the frequency for which it was designed. For more information visit www.twacs.com .

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