DCSI introduces OASys™ by twacs®

ST. LOUIS, Mo., August 24, 2004 — Distribution Control Systems, Inc. (DCSI), a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc., announces the release of their new Outage Assessment System (OASysà¢â€ž-), that leverages the TWACS® system connectivity data to provide electric utilities with valuable outage and distribution system reliability information.

Outage assessment tasks, schedules and sampling groups are user-defined, as well as the selection of substations, bus sections or feeder options that are to be checked. Up to 64 meters may be checked in a single TWACS transaction, and automatic retry occurs in the event of an initial failure to communicate. When a meter outage is discovered, the Traverse Network function is immediately enabled and the network is examined upstream and downstream to determine the extent of the outage.

Notification of an outage is relayed to the system operator’s e-mail and/or pager. When the outage assessment is complete, resulting information is displayed in hierarchical format as a list and can optionally be displayed on a geospatial map with the addition of third-party software. The utility is provided with the data needed to send an appropriate utility crew out to fix outage problems, and OASys monitors the restoration progress in real time.

OASys also provides valuable distribution system reliability information by retrieving outage counts and storing this information in a database that is available for immediate or future analysis of power delivery reliability. Utility-defined threshold values for these counters turn this wealth of data into near-real-time knowledge regarding the state of the distribution system. This knowledge aids the utility in scheduling normal system maintenance rather than responding to after-hours emergency failures. OASys does not need to be performing an outage assessment to acquire outage count data.

DCSI, located in St. Louis, Missouri, has manufactured and marketed the highly successful and field-proven TWACS two-way power line communication technology for over 20 years. TWACS cost-effectively provides unique capabilities ideally suited for AMR, Interval Data, Load Control, Time-of-Use/Critical Peak Pricing, Line-Voltage Monitoring, Outage/Restoration Data, Remote Service Disconnect/Connect, and Tamper/Theft Detection using open architecture interfaces. There are over 7.5 million devices installed or under contract. Customers include ATCO Electric, Bangor Hydro-Electric, Florida Power & Light Co., Idaho Power, PPL Electric Utilities, Puerto Rico Public Power Authority, Wisconsin Public Service Co., and over 100 Electric Cooperatives in 37 states, provinces and other global territories. For additional information, visit www.twacs.com


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