Detroit Edison selects Matrikon Solutions for corporate performance monitoring

EDMONTON, Alberta, Nov. 2, 2004 — Matrikon Inc. announced that Detroit Edison has selected ProcessNet and ProcessDoctor to be part of its generation optimization strategy to assist with monitoring and improving efficiencies of plant operations. ProcessNet will also provide the foundation for their corporate performance monitoring.

The solution blends ProcessNet’s ability to integrate information from multiple data sources, provide context and analysis and visually present the right information to the right people at the right time, with ProcessDoctor’s ability to diagnose less than optimum performance of plant assets, thus allowing engineering and maintenance investments to be targeted where they will have the most impact.

The combination of data visualization, decision support and real-time optimization enables users to make better, faster decisions on issues impacting the health and performance of plant operations. The result is a plant intelligence solution designed to enhance Detroit Edison’s ability to generate power to meet existing and forecast demand, reduce maintenance costs and improve equipment uptime.

David Harwood, Director of Generation Optimization commented: “Detroit Edison is committed to delivering reliable service as efficiently as possible. Matrikon’s flexible technology and commitment to its clients complement our optimization strategy and should help us in achieving our goals.”

Detroit Edison’s optimization strategy is focused on reducing operations costs, improving generation asset reliability and thus uptime, and better managing the deployment of their fleet. The combination of ProcessNet and ProcessDoctor will provide operations personnel with the ability to optimize the generation process and to monitor real-time performance data from all of their generators. This will allow them to track second-to-second status of the equipment and identify developing problems well before they have a significant impact on production.

ProcessDoctor is a total solution for identifying opportunities to improve control performance and subsequently ensuring control performance is maintained at optimal levels. Control performance is directly related to plant profitability, both in terms of revenue generated and cost to produce. ProcessDoctor provides a unified platform for detecting and correcting problems, benchmarking and improving control performance and reducing maintenance costs through a condition-based approach.

ProcessNet is a solution for integrating information from disparate data sources and visually presenting operations information in real-time using web technology.

About Detroit Edison

Detroit Edison is an investor-owned electric utility serving 2.1 million customers in Southeastern Michigan and a subsidiary of DTE Energy , a Detroit-based diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Information about DTE Energy is available at

Detroit Edison operates 10 base-load generating plants, including its Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant in Monroe County. Detroit Edison’s system capacity totals nearly 11,000 megawatts. The utility uses coal to generate about 85 percent of its total electrical output, with the remainder produced from nuclear fuel, natural gas and solar energy.

About Matrikon Inc.

Matrikon is a leading provider of technology that delivers solutions for industrial agility and, through innovation, is shaping the future of industrial plants. Our technology enables plants to achieve operational excellence by transforming production data into knowledge to predict and prevent problems and optimize operations. Our customers achieve agile operations through the combination of external market and plant data to make informed, intelligent decisions in real-time.

With offices in major cities throughout North America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East and a global client base including industry leaders in a wide range of manufacturing and process industries, Matrikon’s reach is global.

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