Digital Map Products delivers innovative data management functionality in new version CityGIS

COSTA MESA, Calif., Nov. 18, 2004 — Digital Map Products (DMP), a developer of high-performance Internet-hosted mapping applications, announced a new version of its flagship product. The new version, CityGIS5, is the leading Web-hosted solution for enterprise-wide deployment of an organization’s maps and data.

Developed for government agencies, utilities, real estate developers and other organizations that rely on geographic information, CityGIS5 is deployed from DMP’s mapping platform through robust and secure tier one co-location facilities and is accessed by subscribers through an Internet browser and a secure data connection.

CityGIS5 is application software that deploys maps and related data across the organization, providing a fast, visual profile of any property or location through a web browser. CityGIS5 delivers these immediate benefits as a web-hosted subscription service, saving organizations significant budget resources and reducing the risks associated with building and staffing an in-house solution. CityGIS5 arms employees in all departments with access to information and enables project collaboration and map data management, directly through the browser.

Through this new release, DMP has pioneered the ability for an organization to create and maintain map-based data through their browser-based geospatial tool. Branded as ThemeActiveà¢â€ž- Layers, clients can maintain their own map data, and keep it current, without requiring a dedicated GIS skill set. This new and unique feature enables DMP clients to develop current and accurate Geospatial data more rapidly and cost effectively. Traditional approaches have required either an extensive in-house spatial database infrastructure or a GIS technician skill set to create data and publish it as another tool.

CityGIS5’s ThemeActive Layers are applicable to any relevant data that an organization desires to have integrated into their map. All ThemeActive Layers are deployed from a foundation that includes the new DMP DataLoaderà¢â€ž- for geocoding existing data records into a ThemeActive Layer. The robust DMP TransactionEngineà¢â€ž- enables efficient data entry and editing, multi-user editing, version management, and full undo/redo editing confidence. ThemeActive Layers are based on industry standards such as FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee), OGC (Open GIS Consortium), APA (American Planning Association), and NENA (National Emergency Number Association). The DMP RelationshipManagerà¢â€ž- enables users to tie related material such as documents, scanned drawings, and photographs to specific locations in a ThemeActive Layer. Finally, each ThemeActive Layer is established with attractive cartographic display characteristics; I-tool interaction, mouse-over tool tips, and customized searching.

“Even with the most advanced GIS skill sets, it’s nearly impossible to understand cross-departmental data requirements. DMP’s CityGIS5 allows us to push a range of new capabilities into responsible departments for a truly inter-departmental GIS mapping, tracking and management solution that is very productive and cost-effective,” said Larry Moore, IT director, City of San Clemente, California.

To introduce new and existing CityGIS5 subscribers to ThemeActive Layers, DMP has developed a rich starter set. For government agencies, DMP offers six ThemeActive Layers:

* ThemeActive Addresses enables a local agency to manage addresses such as new subdivisions and shopping center tenants on-the-fly;

* ThemeActive Improvement Projects allows agency project boundaries to be identified supporting material such as drawings, contracts and photos to be linked to the project map;

* Public Works can use ThemeActive Signs and ThemeActive Trees to track these assets in their community;

* ThemeActive NPDES Reporting enables authorities to track, and report illicit storm-water system connections and discharges;

* Ad-hoc information on parcels, property, property owners and tenants can be gathered through ThemeActive Parcel Notes.

For real estate builders and developers, DMP delivers the ThemeActive Parcel Notes along with ThemeActive Builder Sites which leverages industry data licensed by builders and provides rich spatial insight into what their competitors are building and where they are focusing their developments.

“CityGIS5 offers an unprecedented Internet-based solution for tracking, analyzing and reporting property and location-based information, and the new features expand these capabilities above and beyond standard GIS – all without requiring specific GIS tools or skills,” said James Skurzynski, president of DMP. “Today’s release underscores our commitment to developing web-hosted mapping applications that are compelling alternatives to traditional Geospatial environments,” said Skurzynski.

About Digital Map Products [ ]

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Digital Map Products (DMP) is a privately held company founded in 1996 to provide map enabled software applications and next generation geospatial systems (GIS) to a wide variety of industries including government, building, land development, real estate, public works and utilities. DMP is servicing these markets by combining the power of geospatial technology with the accessibility and convenience of Internet access to create finished product solutions. DMP’s products are built on the DigitalMapCentral platform, a flexible high-performance mapping application development platform in a hosted environment. DMP’s solution results in minimal overhead, rapid deployment, ease-of-use, and high performance.

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