Doble Engineering completes acquisition of diagnostic instrument company TransiNor As

Boston, Mass., Jan. 23, 2004 — Doble Engineering Co. has completed the acquisition of TransiNor As (TransiNor), a provider of diagnostic monitoring systems and services headquartered in Trondheim, Norway.

“The acquisition of TransiNor allows Doble to expand our portfolio of diagnostic solutions for our customers who utilize well-recognized technologies and test methods. It also produces synergies in our sales and distribution channels, customers and cultures that will be extremely positive for all concerned,” said Robert A. Smith, President and CEO of Doble.

“By leveraging our combined engineering expertise, selling opportunities and operating efficiencies, the addition of TransiNor will result in greater value for both Doble and TransiNor customers.”

TransiNor is recognized internationally as a leading supplier of products and services for on-line condition monitoring and diagnostics of electric power transmission and distribution systems. The company also offers consulting services for condition-based maintenance, insulation coordination and failure investigations.

“Doble’s resources will enable TransiNor to further drive our technology and continue to expand our sales and market,” said Vegard Larsen, President of TransiNor. “Everyone at TransiNor is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we bring our teams together. This is a very positive development for TransiNor’s customers, employees and sales representatives.”

TransiNor is active and well known in markets where Doble has been seeking to expand and generate increased awareness, specifically: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and China. TransiNor has an experienced sales team in these markets and there is already some commonality in the two companies’ distribution networks.

Doble has a strong client community in North America and is aggressively seeking complementary companies and products to expand Doble’s presence in new markets.

In April of 2002, Doble purchased the specialty test division of POWERMANN, a leading UK based electrical engineering company. The new company, renamed Doble PowerTest Ltd, is located in Guildford, Surrey. This office currently serves as Doble’s base of operations in the United Kingdom.

Doble is dedicated to improving the safe and reliable delivery of electric power worldwide. The company provides numerous venues and channels for industry professionals to share the latest technical information.

The company’s ninth annual EuroDoble Colloquium for European clients was held in Rome in November, 2003. In the last two years, Doble has sponsored dozens of training and networking events throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

About TransiNor:
TransiNor was established in 1986 as a spin off from The Norwegian Electric Power Research Institute (EFI), now called SINTEF Energy Research. TransiNor offers diagnostic monitoring systems and services, electromagnetic transient studies and failure investigations. TransiNor’s distribution network spans the globe in some 40 countries. For more information, visit their web site at or call +47 73 82 53 50

About Doble:
Doble Engineering has been supplying diagnostic instruments and engineering services to the electric power industry for decades. Doble also maintains the industry’s most extensive resource library of apparatus test results and knowledge. The company maintains close working relationships with the world’s electric power companies, working in partnership to improve the performance of their systems and operations. For more information about Doble Engineering and its services and products, visit the company’s web site at or call +1-617-926-4900.

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