DOE-funded initiative will advance distributed-generation technologies

DANBURY, Conn., May 28, 2002 — Sure Power Corp. has begun the benchmarking phase of a $2.2 million Department of Energy award that, as planned, will lead to the development of an innovative distributed energy, combined heat and power system.

The project’s goal is to integrate a Sure Power high-availability, onsite generation system into an existing Internet data center facility, allowing the customer to produce its own electricity and cooling, independently of the existing utility grid. The company will be assisted in the project by a team of leading energy and IT organizations, including: Cable & Wireless; the Electric Power Research Institute; D& R International; the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group; and Battelle.

The project comes in response to the rapid growth of the nation’s energy-dependent high-tech infrastructure, which has spurred interest in new power technologies that meet twenty-first century energy needs. According to the DOE, the system will address the goals set by President Bush in the National Energy Plan for a reliable energy infrastructure.

“Recently’s digital economy has created an increased demand for power in concentrated areas, and the utility grid can’t keep up,” says Bill Frederick, CEO of Sure Power Corp. “Distributed generation will allow businesses like Internet data centers, which serve as the backbone of the digital economy, to operate more productively and more profitably: it’s more energy efficient than grid-based power, it’s much more reliable, it’s scalable; and it provides facility-level cooling capabilities as part of its design.”

“As part of our commitment to staying at the forefront of data center evolution, we continually look for additional ways to improve the dependability and efficiency of our energy sources,” states KC Mares, Director of Electrical Energy, Utilities, and Special Projects, Exodus, a Cable & Wireless Service. “Distributed generation is one means to ensure that we are able to quickly and effectively deliver the power our customers require.”

The system will provide high-availability, computer-grade electricity and cooling that is flexible, scalable and can support existing loads, future load growth, and expansion plans, while exceeding clean air regulations and increasing energy efficiency. It will also address utility obstacles slowing the adoption of distributed energy resources through its unique design. The system will offer the benefit of combined heat and power, a clean and reliable alternative to conventional electricity generation by using the heat normally lost during power generation to provide heating, air conditioning, steam, hot water and cooled water.

“The DOE’s support for this project shows a real commitment to helping the high-tech economy find a new and highly reliable way to meet its power needs,” says Frederick. “Sure Power is eager to advance its work on what we hope will be a model facility for the entire industry.”

Sure Power expects to complete the benchmarking phase and the customization of the system design before the end of this year. Plans call for the final system to be installed at a west-coast Internet data center, enabling the facility to efficiently create its own electricity onsite.

About Sure Power Corp.
Sure Power Corp., headquartered in Danbury, Conn., is the developer of an on-site primary power plant supplying computer-grade electricity and chilling at high availability levels.

The patented SurePower® system, which guarantees 99.9999 percent availability of computer-grade electricity (equivalent to a one percent chance of failure over 20 years), incorporates multiple generators such as turbines, fuel cells and gas reciprocating engines into standard configurations in which no single component can cause failure.

The SurePower® system is guaranteed by an insurance policy and delivers better economic value than current grid-plus-back-up solutions. Sure Power provides users with substantially increased uptime, allowing for higher revenues and fewer unexpected losses.

The company has partnerships with High-Point Rendel, R.W. Beck and Trane in the construction, planning and engineering of its systems. Sure Power is also a member in the Environmental Protection Agency’s new Combined Heat and Power Partnership, a voluntary program designed to expand the use of combined heat and power technologies through industry and state and local partnerships.

More information about Sure Power Corp. can be found at

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