DOE looks to boost clean-coal technologies

Washington, D.C.

The Clean Coal Technology Program (CCT Program), which promotes government and industry cooperation, advances the Department of Energy’s (DOE) mission to foster a secure and reliable energy system that is environmentally and economically sustainable. With a number of the projects already completed, the CCT Program has yielded clean coal technologies (CCTs) that are capable of meeting existing and emerging environmental regulations and competing in a deregulated electric power marketplace.

Environmental control devices represent combustion modification and post-combustion controls used to reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide and/or nitrogen oxides. Advanced electric power generation represent technologies that can be used for repowering existing plants and for new plants. Coal processing for clean fuels covers chemical and physical processes to transform raw coal into high-energy-density environmentally compliant fuels, conversion of coal to methanol and development of software to optimize system performance based on available coals. Industrial applications address environmental issues and barriers associated with coal use in industry.

In the accompanying chart, EL&P provides a quick overview of projects.

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