Dresser Inc., Mafi-Trench Corp. sign marketing agreement for component used on new power generation system

DALLAS, TX, Feb. 10, 2004 — Dresser, Inc. has announced that it has entered into a marketing agreement with Mafi-Trench Corp. regarding the use of an important piece of component machinery for Dresser’s recently introduced PiP (Pressure into Power) energy recovery system.

The PiP system, from Dresser Inc., is a unique method of generating on-site electric power from energy normally lost in natural gas transmission and distribution. It captures the energy that was expended at the source of a pipeline to compress natural gas to a high pressure for transmission to the end user.

As the gas pressure is reduced for use by the consumer, the energy is used to drive a generator, producing electric power. One way of accomplishing this is through the use of a turboexpander, manufactured by Mafi-Trench, to power the generator.

According to Bernie Watson, a Dresser Inc. technology program manager based in Waukesha, WI, “the Mafi-Trench turboexpander is a great complement to the PiP system. Their units have been in production since 1975 and are similar to steam turbines, with the exception that they rely on natural gas pressure reduction instead of steam for power. They have a long record of proven reliability, which was an important factor when we considered their use on our PiP system.

“The other method of capturing and transforming the energy typically lost from pipeline transmission of natural gas is through the use of an expansion, or Spilling engine, to power the generator. In both instances, it’s important to note that is that neither the turboexpander, nor the expansion engine, consumes any natural gas to generate electricity, unlike an internal combustion engine or gas turbine.”

Large consumers of natural gas (e.g., refineries, pipeline hubs and terminals, steel mills, heavy industry, large factories, generating plants and others) are finding that the PiP system is an extremely economical way of generating between 500 kW to 7 MW of on-site power with an expected payback of between three to six years and annual savings starting around $250,000 and up depending on the site. More information about the system, including an animated model of the expansion engine concept and technical specifications can be found on the web at www.dresser.com/pip.

“The PiP system offers the potential for emission, tax, CHP, Qualified Energy Recovery Process and/or renewable energy credits, depending upon where it’s located,” Watson continued. “The state of Nevada has recently enacted into law the classification of a qualified energy recovery process which includes the reduction of high pressure in water or gas pipelines.

“Therefore, PiP energy renewal qualifies under Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements for power generation, as do other renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the Department of Natural Resources (or its equivalent) in some states have also indicated that the power generated from PiP energy renewal could be eligible for emissions credits against an identifiable power station.”

Reduction and regulation of natural gas with the new PiP system complements the gathering, transportation, and distribution of natural gas, which are core markets for Dallas-based Dresser, Inc. For example, DresserFlow Solutions, a business unit of Dresser, Inc., manufactures various flow control products (such as Becker, Grove, and Masoneilan valves, as well as Roots meters and Mooney regulators) and the company offers design expertise through its FloSystems engineering and packaging group. Dresser’s Waukesha Engine unit manufactures and distributes large, spark-ignited reciprocating engines widely used in both the gas compression and power generation markets.

Located in the central coast city of Santa Maria, California, Mafi-Trench Corporation (MTC) is a supplier of hydrocarbon turboexpanders to the gas processing and petrochemical industries. In addition, it has supplied custom engineered machinery to the global market for nearly 30 years. More information is available at the company’s website www.mafi-trench.com .

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Dresser, Inc. is a worldwide provider in the design, manufacture and marketing of highly engineered equipment and services sold primarily to customers in the flow control, measurement systems, and power systems segments of the energy industry. Dresser has a widely distributed global presence, with over 7,500 employees and a sales presence in over 100 countries worldwide. The company’s website can be accessed at www.dresser.com.

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