DSTAR Cable Electrical Parameters software calculates parameters of underground distribution cables

Schenectady, NY, Aug. 6, 2002 — The Distribution Systems Testing, Application, and Research (DSTAR) program has developed an easy-to-use, graphically oriented program for calculating the parameters of underground distribution cables.

Cable Electrical Parameters Software (CEPS) performs calculations for cables arranged in a variety of configurations with and without a separate ground wire.

Calculation of cable electrical parameters, such as sequence impedance, is complicated and can be laborious and time consuming. In many cases, standard handbook pages can only provide an approximate result because impedances are as much a function of how the cable is installed as the cable design itself.

A tool that provides quick and accurate cable electrical parameters to a distribution engineer can save valuable time.

CEPS Calculations Include:

* Cable sequence impedances (direct buried, cable in conduit (CIC), and duct bank)
* Ampacity (in ground or riser)
* Voltage regulation
* Losses (dielectric and conductor)
* Charging current and capacitance
* Short-circuit current withstand
* Mechanical parameters (weight, dimensions, pulling strength)

The CEPS user “constructs” the cable from basic physical dimensions and material types, and defines the installation configuration.

Convenient graphic interfaces assist the user. By starting with basic dimensions, the parameters can easily be calculated for a cable sample for which manufacturer information is unknown. Cable Electrical Parameters Software is available to electric utilities via membership in DSTAR


DSTAR is a consortium of electric utilities cooperatively supporting practical distribution system research and software development. For 15 years DSTAR has offered over 30 utilities a cost-effective and responsive means of addressing problems that require near-term solutions.

Research results are provided to the members in the form of practical guidelines or software tools designed for immediate application.

The DSTAR program is managed by GE’s Power Systems Energy Consulting group. For information on DSTAR membership, please visit the Web at http://www.dstar.org/, or call DSTAR Program Manager Devin Van Zandt at (518) 385-9066.

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