DTN implements new tool for market activities in utility industry

Omaha, NE, Jan. 25, 2006 — DTN announced the implementation of ProphetX, a professional trading tool which offers utility customers like American Electric Power (AEP) access to real-time market information, electric and utility industry news as well as weather updates.

AEP uses ProphetX for energy management and as a pricing information tool for the energy complex – crude oil, natural gas, home heating oil and unleaded gasoline. AEP can monitor the spot electricity market for buying and selling products and also use the information as a long-term projection tool correlating weather to information on heating and cooling degree days.

ProphetX’s spark spread calculator and heat rate table are used by AEP for analyzing natural gas and electricity alternatives. AEP also has access to Dow Jones news which covers the gas and power industry and offers an extra leg up on what is happening in market news.

By using ProphetX, clients such as AEP have access to tools which assist in performing technical analysis that is user-friendly to set up and navigate.

In addition to comprehensive market data and weather information from DTN, ProphetX promises data from third party sources including Dow Jones, Reuters, Hotspot FX, Platts, OPIS, Argus, NGI, Barclays, Tullet & Tokyo, Canadian Enerdata, and the Heren Report.

To filter news, users create key word searches that monitor headlines or full article text to bring customized news to your immediate attention.

Analytics are important and ProphetX offers a range of standard industry studies including a wide selection of pre-defined charts, as well as the ability to create proprietary analysis. Charting information is automatically updated, and DTN automatically processes and displays exchange-initiated tick corrections yielding the cleanest trading data available.

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