Duct teams with et alia and ZIM Technologies to integrate wireless business intelligence solution throughout SAP infrastructure

CINCINNATI, Ohio, October 15, 2001 – DUCT Utility Construction & Technologies, Inc. DUCT, a fast-growing telecommunications and utility infrastructure construction and technology holding company, announced today that it has begun implementing an SAP-based wireless solution through et alia, llc, a SAP consulting services firm, and ZIM Technologies International, Inc. (ZIM), a provider of mobile application solutions.

et alia is implementing an SAP solution integrating DUCT’s sales and distribution, project services, and financial management business processes to give the organization a unified and holistic approach for greater control over such areas as revenue forecasting, project planning and bid management.

In addition, et alia and their partner ZIM Technologies International Inc., are delivering an SAP scenario-based interactive wireless solution that will effectively “push” and streamline data throughout and beyond the four walls of the organization’s supply chain – thereby leveraging a business intelligence solution for it’s financial and materials management initiatives.

DUCT expects the SAP sales and distribution, project services and financial management implementation to be up and running by January. In addition, to supplement its SAP solution, DUCT will use ZIM’s Interactive Mobile Messaging Solution, an event-driven management system that connects to any and multiple sources of disparate SAP data, and enables a direct two-way dialogue between mobile users and the corporate system.

“Our vision is to be a driver the significant changes facing the utilities industry today. New delivery models, changing market conditions, and the strategic use of new technologies are forcing utility providers to re-think how they deliver their services,” said Randall A. Drew, DUCT CEO. “For example, today’s simple subcontract structure in which services are delivered in layers – and each layer adds on more costs – is no longer required. We are in the throes of converging into a structure in which single source utility and infrastructure providers will offer greater quality and faster implementation at an overall lower cost of delivery.”

“Through our partnership with ZIM Technologies International Inc., we can bring SAP to the DUCT employees who need to access this information, instead of them having to search for it,” said et alia President Brad Nicolaisen. “It’s a proactive approach to events, going beyond prediction by actually managing the information and delivering it. The ZIM technology solution actually converts the SAP system from a pull system, in which users must search for information, into a push system, which delivers the information on an as needed basis.”

“We are thrilled about our partnership with DUCT and our efforts to create an industry enterprise management solution,” said Nicolaisen. “We believe that et alia and ZIM Technologies International will be instrumental in helping DUCT manage its rapid growth.”


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