Eastern Research launches new product for data bridging and voice conferencing

MOORESTOWN, N.J., Oct. 5, 2004 — Eastern Research Inc., a provider of transport equipment for telecommunications access networks, introduced its new Signal Processing System (SPS) 1000 product. Designed for network operators in need of cost-effective digital data bridging and voice conferencing solutions, the SPS-1000 offers an attractive alternative to expensive and oversized legacy platforms, and includes sophisticated availability and protection capabilities for business-critical applications.

The SPS-1000 incorporates user-configurable software and powerful digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities to address a variety of transport network applications found in utilities, financial services, and other industries. Applications include:

Data Polling – for example, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks found in oil, gas, electric, and water utility industries, and highway and railway transportation systems. Other data applications include remote automatic bank teller machine control, automatic credit card verification systems, and ticket reservation systems.

Audio/Voice Conferencing – for example, specialized (e.g., “Hoot ‘n Holler”) conferencing networks used in brokerage firms and commodities traders, oil, gas, electric, and water utilities, news and weather bureaus, and other industries.

“Data bridging and voice conferencing applications are prevalent in many industries, yet customers have found that many existing legacy solutions are becoming prohibitively costly to support or expand upon,” stated Gene Litt, director of product management at Eastern Research. “The SPS-1000 family is an extremely cost-effective solution that is both flexible and scalable. It also offers multiple redundancy and protection capabilities, especially when integrated with Eastern’s versatile DNX family of access concentration products.”

The initial SPS offering consists of the following:

SPS-1000 – a compact (2 RU) chassis with redundant power and cooling, system monitoring functions, and slots for up to four application modules.

Octal T1/E1-DSP41 Module Set – application module resources that provide eight T1/E1 network interfaces and powerful DSPs for software flexibility, supporting up to 240 DS0s of data bridging and voice conferencing per module.

Bridging/Conferencing Software – user configurable application code that resides on each application module. Features include dynamic removal of ‘loud talkers’, noisy feeds, and carrier test-tones to prevent these disturbances from ruining a conference.

Eastern’s SPS platform also boasts an impressive set of system availability and protection features, including dual load-sharing and hot-swappable power supplies with independent feeds, dual hot-swappable fan trays, and integrated system monitoring of power supplies and feeds, fans, and chassis temperature. T1/E1 links connected to SPS platforms can also be intelligently protected via the Automatic Protection Switching capabilities of the DNX product family, ensuring bridges and conferences stay up even if a protected SPS-1000 application module fails. Eastern’s DNX family also enables sophisticated monitoring of bridge and conference participants, enabling network operators to troubleshoot noise sources.

The SPS platform will be available in the first quarter of 2005.

About Eastern Research

Based in Moorestown, New Jersey, Eastern Research Inc. – an ISO 9001:2000 certified company – designs, manufactures, markets and supports the DNX and Frontera® families of Multiservice Access Concentrators and Access Gateways, ENvision Plus network management software and other internetworking, test access, and tech control products. Eastern’s global installed base includes major wireline and wireless service providers, large enterprises, utilities, government agencies, and military networks. Additional information is available at www.erinc.com

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