eBidEnergy and Bound Mobile to bring real-time energy information and pricing to handheld devices

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Feb. 13, 2002 — eBidenergy and Bound Mobile announced today that the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will co-fund their efforts to develop and integrate real-time energy information and market pricing to handheld devices.

eBidenergy is a certified Meter Data Service Provider (MDSP) and online provider of real-time and near real-time energy information services. Bound Mobile is a provider of next-generation multi-modal messaging systems.

This technology will provide access to real-time metered information and market pricing to industry stakeholders on wireless handheld devices. It will allow users to set up usage and pricing alerts-notifying them of extremes that may create operational and financial risks.

“We are taking measures to help customers avoid the increased energy prices and shortages we’ve seen in other markets like California,” said Owen Davis, CEO of Bound Mobile.

Under the agreement, eBidenergy will provide PowerTrakâ„- a diverse set of Web-enabled tools for analyzing and reporting energy consumption. PowerTrak will allow users to see real-time data and pricing, as well as set messaging alerts based on user-defined thresholds. Bound Mobile’s “Send It” messaging technology will allow end-users and suppliers to monitor the energy information and market prices provided by eBidenergy. This will allow end-users to curtail energy in order to resell or redistribute it to the energy market.

“We expect the customers of our combined technologies to save energy and earn income in a time when energy demand is high and capacity is increasingly short in the Northeast,” said Terry Sick, president and CEO of eBidenergy. “We also intend to rollout this service on a national level.”

In addition, the technology will benefit NYSERDA’s Peak-Load Reduction initiatives that are aimed at reducing energy costs and improving electric system reliability. Providing incentives that will result in summer peak demand reduction, the New York State power system can better allocate and manage electric supplies during critical periods in the summer when demand is high and electricity resources may be low.

“These technologies will improve customers’ access to information that can help them manage their energy costs more efficiently,” said NYSERDA President William M. Flynn.

About eBidenergy

Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., and founded in 1996, eBidenergy is an online provider of real-time and near real-time energy information services, online energy procurement, and load curtailment services for U.S.-based commercial and industrial businesses, and a service provider to industry stakeholders. Customers and strategic alliances include Xerox Corporation, Siemens, Medeva Pharmaceuticals, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and Aquila Energy. For additional
information, call 585-427-2610 or visit www.ebidenergy.com.

About Bound Mobile
Bound Mobile is an application solution provider for marketing, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning that is 100% focused on voice and mobile devices.

The company provides interactive mobile solutions that connect corporations and customers to the most relevant data and content over voice or any Web-enabled device. Users of Bound Mobile technology can directly access information through an ordinary phone or a Web-enabled PDA.

Users can also sign up to receive targeted callback or SMS notifications. Located in New York City, Bound Mobile was formed in the fall of 1999.

NYSERDA, a public benefit corporation, supports research and development and consumer initiatives that help New York save energy while safeguarding the environment. NYSERDA helps New York State businesses develop energy and environmental products, commercializing the type of high-value-added products that make New York’s economy more competitive. For additional information visit www.nyserda.org.

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