Echelon displays future of ubiquitous control networking from sensors to enterprise management at LonWorld 2005

Paris, France, Oct. 24, 2005 — Echelon Corporation, the technology supplier for the LonWorks control networking standard, is showcasing its control platform solutions and Networked Energy Services (NES) smart metering system at the LonWorld 2005 event October 20-21 at Euro Disney. The company is debuting several new products at the event close on the heels of introducing its new Pyxos embedded control networking platform. Collectively, the new products, platform, and upgrades to existing products are designed to move the market closer to the ubiquitous deployment of control networking. Echelon’s new technologies and products focus on reducing or improving the key factors that can enable ubiquitous control networking — lower component costs; simpler, easier installation; high reliability, scalability and flexibility; and remote management.

Key demonstrations and products at LonWorld 2005 include:

The second generation NES system electricity meter. The redesigned meter, already in use in numerous utility trials in Europe, incorporates new features such as M-Bus connectivity. M-Bus is a common bus used to connect gas and water meters throughout Europe. Many utilities provide mixed service — electricity, gas and water — making a single metering infrastructure strategically imperative. An NES system utilizing this second generation meter provides a complete metering infrastructure for utilities offering mixed services.

Pyxos FT embedded control networking platform. Pyxos FT boasts low cost ICs, high speed deterministic operation, subminiature packaging, and a unique self-organizing feature, the Pyxos FT network is intended for industrial, office automation, building, and transportation applications. A Pyxos FT network can integrate with a LonWorks network, host computers, or PLCs.

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