eGauge Systems to release new product at DistribuTECH

eGauge Systems is thrilled to announce a new product to be released at DistribuTECH. It is the newest design in the successful line of low­cost eGauge energy monitoring devices.

This new ­and­ improved design includes features that greatly increase the flexibility, reliability, and installation speed over the current eGauge device.

The most notable new feature is the on­board Ethernet port. Installers will now have the option of either Home Plug AV communication or direct­wire Ethernet, allowing more installation options and better system design.

This feature, as well as the new system reconfiguration button, gives the device an elasticity that greatly eases installation and potentially reduces the parts required for industrial and international installations.

eGauge will continue to provide the granular, second­by­second data from a 12­channel meter which has made this product so successful. The device remains a fantastic tool for monitoring building demand, sub loads like HVAC and motors, as well as on site renewable energy, all from a single device.

The built in web server, open API and URI push functionality can deliver data reliably to any server destination. This combination of high value features, as well as the newly improved installation and system flexibility, makes eGauge an excellent choice for any energy monitoring project.

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