Electropaulo Completes GIS Implementation

Sao Paulo, Brazil-based Eletropaulo, with its 4.8 million customers and nearly 4,500-square-kilometer service area, has completed its ArcGIS/ArcFM implementation. Eletropaulo is leveraging ArcFM 8, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, and Oracle to streamline asset management, improve and expand interdepartmental communications, and expand the reach and accessibility of enterprise-level data. The ArcFM 8 implementation replaces a subset of functionality formerly managed within a nongeographic mainframe database system and will be utilized by more than 100 users throughout the utility.

The prime contractor for the project, Miner & Miner of Fort Collins, Colo., has provided consulting and implementation services along with their core ArcFM product. ESRI and its distributor, GEMPI of Sao Paulo, Brazil, performed digital data conversion from mainframe to ArcGIS 8.

The long-term goal of the system will be to use geographic information system (GIS) analysis and visualization functionality to support outage management and response. Using GIS and supporting technologies, the company will meet strict outage response criteria enforced by regulatory agencies.

“The implementation has improved the business processes and the competitive position of Eletropaulo,” said Jeff Meyers, Miner & Miner president. “ArcFM is making Eletropaulo more productive, improving their backlog of work orders, updating their asset management system, and improving the business processes around that asset management system.”

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