EL&P turns 80: The ’60s and ’70s bring changes, kudos

Part five in the series

By Kathleen Davis, EL&P Associate Editor

May 17, 2002 — Trying to find a symbolic representation of EL&P in the 1960s isn’t easy. What’s the perfect choice? A scathing commentary, a telling ad?

I may not know the perfect choice, but I know my favorite, an article entitled “Forced-Draft-Fan Noise Can Be Controlled.”

I can hear the collective “Why?” echoing as I write. No, it’s not the technical information or the uniqueness of the details or the well-written flow of the piece. It’s the record.

Yes, the record.

Twice in the 1960s EL&P included vinyl recordings inside related articles. This particular record played the difference between a forced-draft fan in not controlled and one that was. It’s a unique piece of EL&P history.

Now the most symbolic piece from the 1970s was an easy choice: a congratulatory letter from President Nixon on our 50th anniversary which stated, “By chronicling the dramatic growth of the electric power industry, Electric Light and Power magazine has made a significant contribution to the development and progress of our society. On the occasion of it’s half-century of publication, I warmly applaud all who have been associated with its success.”

One of Nixon’s pre-Watergate office highlights. Of this, there can be no doubt.

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More information on EL&P’s 80th anniversary can be found in May’s commemorative issue at http://www.elp.com.

Kathleen Davis is an Associate Editor for Electric, Light & Power Magazine, a PennWell publication. She can be reached at kathleend@pennwell.com.

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