Elster Electricity announces availability of Metercat Software release 1.6

RALEIGH, N.C., August 30, 2004 — Elster Electricity, LLC announces the availability of Metercatà¢â€ž- Software release 1.6. Metercat is an advanced configuration and analysis software application that programs and reads Elster’s A3 ALPHA electricity meter and supports maintenance tasks for the REXà¢â€ž- meter, Elster’s electronic single phase residential meter. New features of Metercat 1.6 include the ability to configure and read two sets of instrumentation profile data and support for remote communications in demand-only applications.

Metercat 1.6 can configure A3 ALPHA meters equipped with the instrumentation profile option. This option allows users to record two sets of instrumentation profile data, with each set recording up to 16 channels of information. Each channel can be configured with one of over 50 different instrumentation quantities including per phase voltages and currents, per phase kW/kVAR/kVA and much more. Each set of instrumentation profiling data operates as an independent recorder with its own interval length and number of days of data storage. For each channel in a profiling set, the user can specify whether the meter stores an interval’s minimum, maximum, average, or end-of-interval value.

Metercat can read the two sets of profiled instrumentation data and can display and print reports of the profile data. Additionally, Metercat enables the user to export each data set as an ASCII text file that can be imported into spreadsheet applications or custom user applications for additional analysis and graphing.

“Metercat is a powerful software application with the flexibility to adapt to each utility’s unique needs,” stated Victor Sitton, ANSI product manager for Elster Electricity. “With the instrumentation profiling features supported in Metercat 1.6, Elster brings new value to the utility. These features enable cost-effective data logging in the standard revenue meter to collect important information about the distribution system conditions.”

Additionally, Metercat’s programming features have been enhanced to permit demand-only A3 ALPHA meters to be configured for remote communication access. This allows Elster’s remote communication solutions to be deployed on A3 ALPHA meters in single rate demand applications. In particular, this enables the Itron 50ESS ERT® communication option to be used on demand-only A3 ALPHA meters for collection of KWh data.

Metercat Software

Metercat can be used to perform a variety of meter maintenance tasks, such as changing the meter’s demand threshold, editing register values, and clearing logs and statuses. Metercat uses a flexible security schema that allows the Metercat administrator to fully control the programming and reading capabilities of users or groups of users.

It supports both optical and remote communications for meters equipped with internal or external modems. Metercat simplifies meter communications and programming tasks and includes load profile data options for exporting to MV-90 and ASCII file formats.

A3 ALPHA Meter

Elster’s premier communications platform, the A3 ALPHA meter, is a high accuracy, solid-state revenue meter that easily integrates with various third party communications options. It is available as a single-phase or polyphase electronic meter that fully supports ANSI communications standards including ANSI C12.18-1996 Protocol for ANSI Type Optical Port, ANSI C12.19-1997 Utility Industry End Device Tables and ANSI C12.21-1998 Protocol Specification for Telephone Modem Communication. The A3 ALPHA meter provides upward mobility to adapt to a utility company’s future communications requirements.

REX Meter

Elster’s REXà¢â€ž- meter is an electronic, single phase electricity meter designed for residential metering. With two-way communications, it offers demand, time-of-use, load profile recording, bidirectional metering and critical tier pricing capabilities in addition to kWh consumption measurement. The REX meter has on-board two-way radio frequency communications that permit the meter to respond to requests over an unlicensed 900 MHz local area network. REX meters deployed on the EnergyAxis® System act as repeaters and are self-registering via an A3 ALPHA meter/collector.

About Elster Electricity, LLC

Elster Electricity, LLC, a subsidiary within E.ON’s Ruhrgas Industries, offers integrated, cost-effective solutions including advanced electricity meters, communication solutions and metering automation systems for residential and commercial and industrial applications. Elster Electricity (formerly ABB Electricity Metering) is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and is a leading provider of electricity metering products and services throughout the world.

Designed to meet the diverse electricity metering requirements of a global customer base, Elster’s metering products include advanced high accuracy ANSI and IEC electricity meters, the EnergyAxis System with intelligent two-way communications featuring the new electronic REXà¢â€ž- meter, and the ALPHA® meter line. Elster Electricity serves customers through a global sales force. Visit Elster Electricity’s website at www.elsterelectricity.com

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