Elster Electricity announces enhancements to EnergyAxis System

Raleigh, NC, September 7, 2005 — Elster Electricity, a provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions worldwide, has announced enhancements to its EnergyAxis System, including the release of the EnergyAxis Metering Automation Server (MAS) Release 5.2, which now supports the A3 ALPHA meter with 900 MHz two-way communications on the EnergyAxis System.

The EnergyAxis System supports energy, time-of-use (TOU), and demand metering for commercial and industrial services with the support of the polyphase A3 ALPHA meter. The A3 ALPHA meter serves as a repeater for other meters within the EnergyAxis System’s 900 MHz controlled mesh network. The MAS 5.2 release provides support for apartments and other multi-dwelling buildings where 120v/208v service is used with the new Form 12S REX meter. Utilities can offer customers flexible time-based pricing by easily retrieving energy usage data.

MAS Release 5.2 increases the EnergyAxis System’s functionality by enhancing the service connect/disconnect capability; adding additional reports such meter errors, warnings and statuses; generating reports for user-defined events; adding GIS capability for network visualization and meter diagnostics; and tamper detection alarms. MAS 5.2 now has browser notification for a system configurable set of meter events such as A3 ALPHA meter outages and restorations, REX meter restorations, meter errors, and reverse energy.

About the EnergyAxis System
The EnergyAxis System for residential, commercial, and industrial metering automation is an advanced metering infrastructure system that uses a powerful two-way RF communication system to retrieve metering information directly from meters. The communication network uses intelligent, two-way spread spectrum frequency-hopping technology with self-registration to provide secure, reliable communication between meters and data collectors. This technology enables individual meters to act as repeaters, creating a dynamic communication path that optimizes signal strength of the RF and reliability of the communication link. With the single phase REX meters (Form 2S and 12S), the A3 ALPHA meter collector, and the polyphase A3 ALPHA meter, the EnergyAxis System is a complete metering automation solution that enables utilities to deploy a system that provides thorough territorial coverage for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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