Elster Electricity announces plans to license the EnergyAxis® System’s RF mesh technology for integration with non-Elster electricity meters

RALEIGH, N.C., August 8, 2005 — Elster Electricity, LLC announces plans to license the EnergyAxis System’s RF mesh technology to Hunt Technologies, Inc. of Pequot Lakes, MN. Under the terms of the license, Hunt Technologies will use non-Elster meters to provide Elster’s EnergyAxis RF mesh technology. Utility customers will have the benefit of choosing to purchase an integrated EnergyAxis RF meter from Elster or to purchase a non-Elster meter with the EnergyAxis RF module developed and sold through Hunt Technologies.

“We are pleased to be working with Hunt Technologies on this endeavor. Hunt is well-respected in the industry and has strong working relationships with all the major meter manufacturers,” stated Sharon Allan, Elster’s chief knowledge officer. “By expanding Elster’s radio technology into non-Elster offerings, utility companies will have the flexibility and convenience to choose from multiple meter suppliers to meet their advanced metering automation needs.”

According to Hunt Technologies COO Todd Headlee, EnergyAxis is a good fit for Hunt’s expanding set of AMR capabilities. “Elster’s mesh technology presents a strong RF fixed-network solution that will complement our already unique product mix of one-way and two-way power line carrier systems, and drive-by RF technology,” Headlee said.

About the EnergyAxis RF mesh technology

The EnergyAxis System for residential and commercial and industrial metering automation uses a powerful two-way RF communication system to retrieve metering information directly from meters. The communication network uses intelligent, two-way spread-spectrum frequency-hopping technology with self-registration to provide secure, reliable communication between meters and data collectors. This technology enables individual meters to act as repeaters, creating a dynamic communication path that optimizes signal strength of the RF and reliability of the communication link.

About Hunt Technologies, Inc. [ www.hunttechnologies.com ]

Hunt Technologies uses innovative technology to deliver industry-leading automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions to the electric, water and gas utilities market. Hunt is a full solution provider, with cost-effective systems for suburban, urban and rural deployments, and offers the widest meter compatibility and software interface capability in the industry. Based in central Minnesota, with five domestic and two international offices, Hunt develops and supports hardware and software for more than 480 customers worldwide, and has the largest installed fixed-network customer base.

About Elster Electricity, LLC [ www.elsterelectricity.com ]

Elster Electricity, LLC offers integrated, cost-effective solutions including advanced electricity meters, communication solutions and metering automation systems for residential and commercial and industrial applications. Elster Electricity is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and is a leading provider of electricity metering products and services throughout the world. Designed to meet the diverse electricity metering requirements of a global customer base, Elster’s metering products include advanced high accuracy ANSI and IEC electricity meters, the EnergyAxis® System with intelligent two-way communications featuring the new electronic REX® meter, and the ALPHA® meter line. Elster Electricity serves customers through a global sales force.

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