Elster Electricity completes EnergyAxis development for electricity; extends advanced metering benefits to water utilities

Raleigh, N.C. — Elster Electricity has completed the development of its full line of electricity metering products for the EnergyAxis System. Having reached this milestone, Elster’s EnergyAxis System is now a comprehensive advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution for residential, commercial, and industrial electricity metering applications. The EnergyAxis System uses a powerful two-way RF communication system to retrieve metering information directly from meters.

With the addition of new EnergyAxis System components including a new software release of the Metering Automation Server (MAS 5.2), a new REX Form12S meter, and a new 900 MHz radio option on the A3 ALPHA meter, Elster adds comprehensive communications coverage for multiple metering applications. Already providing intelligent two-way mesh network communications solutions that work for the utility’s residential customers, Elster expands the EnergyAxis System’s benefits to the commercial and industrial utility customer. These benefits include the ability to support frequent move-in/move-outs with on-request meter reads, remotely assign the meter to a variety of billing rates, utilize the optional remote connect/disconnect switch, and to provide two-way 900 MHz repeating communications for C&I accounts like apartments and other multi-dwelling buildings. The EnergyAxis System is designed to enable any utility to help lower meter reading costs, provide more accurate readings, and improve customer satisfaction by reducing the likelihood of billing questions due to incorrect readings.

“With the addition of support for network meters and polyphase meters to the EnergyAxis System, we now can support all of the meter forms required by electric utilities and provide a total solution for the utilities’ residential, commercial, and industrial customer applications,” stated Garry January, EnergyAxis product manager. “The EnergyAxis System now offers a complete AMI solution for electric utilities.”

Additionally, Elster has plans to license the EnergyAxis System’s RF mesh technology to other AMR suppliers to provide Elster’s RF mesh technology. Utility customers will have the benefit of choosing to purchase an integrated EnergyAxis RF meter from Elster or to purchase a non-Elster meter with the EnergyAxis RF module developed and sold through other AMR suppliers. This allows utility customers the flexibility to choose between suppliers for their advanced metering automation needs.

EnergyAxis System expanded to provide benefits to utilities offering both electric and water services
The EnergyAxis System has also been expanded to remotely read both electricity and water meters. The new EnergyAxis Water Module is a battery-powered device that is provided in a molded enclosure that connects to an AMR-enabled water meter register. The EnergyAxis Water Module will be available for use with multiple manufacturers’ water meters. It is currently available for use with AMCO Water Metering Systems’ meters.

The EnergyAxis Water Module supports data collection from water meter registers that have a digital output, or from state-of-the-art absolute encoder registers. The water meter’s data is directed through Elster’s 900 MHz mesh network to an area collector where the data is stored for retrieval by the Elster’s EnergyAxis Metering Automation Server (MAS). The water module periodically reads the water meter register and reports data through Elster’s mesh network, including total consumption and status information; leak detection warnings; operational status of the water module; and interval data for the previous 24 one-hour intervals, which can be used for consumption profiling as well as leak and tamper detection.

Modules may be connected to the water meter register at the water meter factory or added at the meter shop location. Modules are available for pit settings or above-grade remote or direct-connect applications.

About the EnergyAxis System
The EnergyAxis System uses intelligent, two-way spread spectrum frequency-hopping technology with self-registration to provide secure, reliable communication between meters and data collectors. This technology enables individual meters to act as repeaters, creating a dynamic communication path that optimizes signal strength of the RF and reliability of the communication link. With the single phase REX(r) meters (Form 2S and 12S), the A3 ALPHA(r) meter collector, and the polyphase A3 ALPHA meter, the EnergyAxis System is a complete metering automation solution that enables utilities to deploy a system that provides thorough territorial coverage for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


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